Top 5 Tips for Fuss Free WordPress Blogging

WordPress blogging can be hard if you aren't familiar with the basic techniques of writing effective content. There are situations when in the wake of delivering best quality content, we end up messing everything. If you’re running a WordPress powered blog and are unaware about the best techniques of writing content for it, then this is the post that will help you out. Here, I’m covering details about 5 best tips that let you indulge in pure, distraction free WordPress blogging. So, let’s get started and unveil these tips to the fullest.

Tip No.1- Write when you’re in a positive state of mind

Writing blogs with a negative state of mind can definitely make your readers navigate to an entirely new blogging website. As a WordPress blogger, you must make it a point to write in a great conversational style. Doing this will put a good impression on your readers, who’ll then choose to visit your blog again and again. Remember, a writer’s attitude plays a crucial role in deciding the success or failure of a blog. And, after all you surely want to readers to feel the same amount of pleasure as you felt during writing the post.

Tip No.2- Turn off internet connection while writing blogs or else control multi-tab browsing

Social networking websites are always there to distract you from writing rich quality content. As a WordPress blogger, it is always better to turn off your internet connection while writing. Doing this will boost your productivity and enable you to come up with a high-quality content. If you belong to the group of WordPress bloggers who need to keep their internet connection on, then you can always choose to control multi-tab browsing for your site. As per this technique, you can use the Controlled Multi-tab Browsing chrome extension to restrict yourself from opening multiple tabs at one point of time. This extension is compatible with the Chrome web browser. For Firefox, you can use the Window and Tab Limiter extension.

Tip No.3- If possible, embed a related YouTube video

Videos work best for blogs. Once you’re done with writing your blog, do opt for embedding a high-quality related YouTube video. People prefer watching videos that are related to the blog’s topic. If you aren’t aware about the technique of embedding a YouTube video into a blog, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1- Find the video you want to embed in your WordPress blog post

Step 2- Grab the embed code for the chosen video

Step 3- As the third and final step, insert the embed code in the HTML tab of your blog post.

Tip No.4- Focus on one topic at a time

Once you've chosen a topic for your WordPress blog post, choose to stick to it. Never indulge in going out of the way, putting forth your personal life stories. Rather, make it a point to emphasize on the chosen topic by elaborating on it to the fullest. Try broadening up the topic to an extend wherein the blog post doesn’t lose its originality. To sum it up, by keeping your content focused, you’ll be able to keep readers engaged on your WordPress blog for a larger duration of time. They’ll choose to come back to your site again and again.

Tip No.5- Join a reputed WordPress Blogging Support Group

WordPress blogging isn’t easy. You need to put in a lot of time and efforts into writing blog posts that can allow you to gather maximum readers instantly. An effective means of writing brilliant blog posts is seeking assistance from the blogging experts. You can choose to join reputed WordPress Blogging Support Groups where you can find excellent tips and tricks for writing blogs/articles that work as a best match for global readers. is an excellent blogging support group that allows you to get the finest support on effective blog writing.


Hope you’d have found the above 5 tips truly worth following for your next WordPress blog writing venture. WordPress has a lot to offer and with these handy tips you can make the most out of it. If blogging is your passion, WordPress has the potential to help you realize your passion to the maximum level.

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