Google allows voice search in Chrome now

Now you can search web by using voice in Google Chrome. Google has introduced this feature in its new beta release.

People using chrome beta on Pc, Mac and Linux can use this feature by opening a new tab or visiting and say  "Ok Google" followed by the search phrase.

Google voice search also can be used to set timers and reminders. To do so you can simply click on the Microphone symbol in the and say "Ok Google set timer for 20 minutes". Then Google sets timer for 20 minutes for you. Reminders can be set by saying a phrase similiar to this "Ok Google set reminder to send an email at 4PM".

Here is how Google voice search comes into action:

Google voice search has already been introduced in Google services and other platforms also. Android 4.4 Kitkat users can use voice based web search with Google now.

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