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Downloading videos from YouTube with the help of one tool and converting them using another isn't a great idea. Think about downloading and converting the video into high quality MP3 with only one tool! Isn't that a better idea than previous one? I too know there are a lot of tools available on the internet but they'd just drag out the quality of the converted MP3 or the length of the video into compromised MP3 trailer. If so what's the point of converting the entire video into MP3? This is why I bring you some cool online tools that downloads and converts YouTube videos into full length High Quality MP3.

YouTube to MP3 conversion tools

The following are the some of the best tools to download MP3 converted YouTube videos on to your computer.

Convert Me MP3

Convert Me MP3 tool allow users to download YouTube videos in different MP3 qualities. The longer the video, the longer the time it takes to convert it. Also choosing higher quality would also take enough time in converting the files.


TheYouMP3 tool automatically converts the video into high quality MP3 format. It doesn't allow users to choose the quality to be converted into but converts the video into best possible quality MP3 format.

HD Downloader

HDDownloader allow users to choose MP3 quality in 128, 192 256 Kpbs along with the different other formats. YouTube videos can be converted into ringtones by using the ''Convert to Ringtone' option.

IX Converter

IXConverter is an online conversion tool that is helpful in converting MP3 into standard and high quality formats. By using this tool YouTube video can also be directly converted and downloaded into other video formats like FLV, 3GP, MP4 and AVI.

YouTube in MP3

YouTube in MP3 provides three quality options of MP3, low, medium and high quality. Enter the video URL, choose the format and simply hit the download MP3 button.

There are many tools available on the internet that convert YouTube videos into high quality MP3. The above specified ones are some of them those picked out randomly. Share your opinions in comments!

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