What to do when your computer hangs? | DIY guide

One of the most commonly happening problems with computers for any computer user is hanging. It annoys when the computer hangs while we are working really important on it. The amount of work we’ve been working on till then would be swiped off if we go through a restart. So how to keep it safe? read on.


How to keep it safe?

‘Prevention is the better than cure’ is the motto of the most of the medical mysteries. It applies when it comes to computers too. Do make it a habit of saving your work time to time you make changes to it.

If you are victimized to the computer hanging and found this article on searching for solution  without laying your hands after the hang, you need to do the following to keep it safe it as best as you can.

Have you tried accessing the task manager?

Not yet? try accessing the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc button combo to get the task manager only. To get other options like ‘restart’, ‘shutdown’ and ‘logoff’ along with the task manager press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Task manager will be opened with any of the combos. Find the application that is troubling you and end it from being run. Wait a second and see if this could help you get back to your work. If the hanging is relieved, first thing you have to do is save your work and close the program. [If this solved your problem, skip to the ‘common thing to do’ at the end of the article]

If you are not able to access your task manager, this might be caused due to virus in your computer. There is no hope of guarantee of your work or information to be saved from this hurdle. Though, let’s give it a try.

Have you tried waiting till the program respond?

If you never did this just as I do in such cases, you should read this. If the computer hangs due to a program and you can recognize it and you can’t access your task manger due to viruses in your computer, simply right click on the program in the task bar and click close it a couple of times till end program dialogue comes. End the program and wait a sec till the hang relieves. [If this solved your problem, skip to the ‘common thing to do’ at the end of the article]

If the program your are working on itself is responsible for hanging, try your luck hard. Read the following.

How much do you know about the software program you are working on?

If you are sure that your software program that you are working on would recover changes and can auto save your work, you are lucky enough to close it or restart your computer once. the auto save feature would save at least some part of the work or information we worked on. If you don’t know much about your software program, make your heart hard and restart the system. [If this solved your problem, skip to the ‘common thing to do’ at the end of the article]

Common thing to do

You problem may have been solved by any of the above cases or another case, the common thing your have to do is restart your system once after the hang is relieved. It makes your computer re-run the hanging tasks and keep it fresh while using again.

Scan you computer for viruses with your antivirus software. Don’t forget to keep your antivirus virus definition database up to date.


If you facing this hanging problem while restarting, do this,
Press F8 or similar to boot in to ‘Safe Mode’. When the desktop appears, press Win+R to go ‘Run’ window, type ‘msconfig’ and press ‘Enter’. This will open a window of the services those start with the Windows boot. Find the trouble making applications, ‘uncheck’ them to remove them running from boot.


Simply go to control panel and uninstall them. This is much easier than any other technique.

If you got any other problem with computer hanging and you think these haven’t solved your problem. Post a comment below and I will try my best to help you!

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