6 Tips to Create Great Mobile Web Design

It’s not a little known fact that mobile and web design have not just developed greatly, but have also blended well. Now a website design is incomplete without having a customized mobile web design in place. They both go hand in hand. In order to develop a solid, visually appealing and futuristic mobile web design, there are a range of options in between and aspects to take care of. Here are 6 ultimate tips on what to keep into account when defining your mobile strategy and designing for mobile.

6 Tips to Create Great Mobile Web Design

1. The mobile and web development industry is growing at a rapid pace

Web design companies are struggling to keep up with this pace and find it difficult to upgrade their creations every other month or year, as and when mobile advancements happen, or when people change their preferences. To be able to remain parallel to this change, companies need to be futuristic in their approach. As much possible they need to develop something which can be upgraded after few years rather than a complete redesign. For this, companies need to list their primary requirements, challenges and solutions. Once immediate needs are in place, one can alter the strategy around those requirements. Being futuristic will help companies to match the increasing development.

2. Be updated about new technologies and what are the expected trends

Knowing what device is more popular amongst the users, and from which device or region does majority of traction comes in, will help a web design company to work in a specific direction. It helps to plan a strategy according to what the user is expecting. For this, a strong research and analysis team is required. This team should be able to analyse and report about user behaviour. Moreover, they should be able to come up with constructive steps that should be considered while developing websites for mobile viewing. Go one step further by also analysing whether majority users have a speedy internet connection or not. It will be beneficial if the website aims at collecting data. You wouldn’t want the user to refill data repeatedly because the website takes too much bandwidth, than what their connection can give.

3. There are two perspectives to look at mobile design

One being that people are in a hurry and want everything quick and crisp on their mobile. Second being that people are on mobile majority times when they have a lot of time to kill. In both perspectives, to a large extent, companies are right. So what’s the middle path? Keep the content crisp, loading time fast and less scrolling and navigation. In either perspectives, these things will never backfire for any company. There are a range of misconceptions regarding mobile website usage that can lead to misleading design decisions.

4. Try to avoid building separate mobile sites

Continuity is always preferred by any user. Additionally, to make a separate mobile site will be time consuming as well as an added cost. During times of upgrade, it would be laborious to update two different websites of the same company. A web design company should always suggest this to their clients.

6. You can always optimize your design and codes keeping the same content in place

It’s how you play with designs and presentation that will enhance the impact of the content placed. Test this thoroughly before rolling it out. Not just on different devices, but test it through different people. Don’t consider all perspectives that you receive; choose the important and good ones to execute. Use it optimally since mobile is a great platform where features can be tailored to create a great experience and connect with the user, which a desktop might not be able to achieve.

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Stan Joe runs a successful web design company in the states. He believes that the best recall value can be established only through electronic media and that made him drive to discover many hidden gems of the web industry. He also lectures at many universities about power of electronic media.

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