An IEEE Java Project: FADE- Secure Overlay Cloud Storage with File Assured Deletion


We address the problem of resource management for a large-scale cloud environment that hosts sites. Our contribution centers around outlining a distributed middleware architecture and presenting one of its key elements, a gossip protocol that meets our design goals: fairness of resource allocation with respect to hosted sites, efficient adaptation to load changes and scalability in terms of both the number of machines and sites. We formalize the resource allocation problem as that of dynamically maximizing the cloud utility under CPU and memory constraints. While we can show that an optimal solution without considering memory constraints is straightforward (but not useful), we provide an efficient heuristic solution for the complete problem instead. We evaluate the protocol through simulation and find its performance to be well aligned with our design goals.


In Existing system the outsource data backup to third-party cloud storage services will cost more for data management and security concerns arise in terms of ensuring the privacy and integrity of outsourced data.


Divide the data key into many key shares.


Time based no fine-grained control.


In proposed system we present FADE, a secure overlay cloud storage system that ensures file assured deletion and works seamlessly atop today’s cloud storage services. FADE decouples the management of encrypted data and encryption keys, such that encrypted data remains on third-party (untrusted) cloud storage providers, while encryption keys are independently maintained by a key manager service, whose trustworthiness can be enforced using a quorum scheme. FADE generalizes time-based file assured deletion (i.e., files are assuredly deleted upon time expiration) into a more fine-grained approach called policy based file assured deletion, in which files are associated with more flexible file access policies (e.g., time expiration, read/write permissions of authorized users) and are assuredly deleted when the associated file access policies are revoked and become obsolete.

Design Of Fade:

1.Work atop todays cloud as an overlay.
2.Achieve protection from cloud clients perspective,no changes on the cloud provider

Security Of Fade:

1.Fine-grained file assured deletion:Files are permanently inaccessible based on

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