Great Offers on Nokia Lumia 925 Accessories

Nokia lumia 925 is the one of the best lumia phones ever and there is no doubt in it. As this lumia big brother is a bit costlier than the previous versions, that doesn’t mean this device has run out of affordable accessories. Here are the list of best selling accessories in the market and avail with great discounts too.

1. Cubix Case

Great Offers on Nokia Lumia 925 Accessories-Cubix CaseCubix case is ultra thin and stylish protector for your phone that resists scratches and dents with its back cover dust and fingerprints free. Made from high quality polycarbonate and rubber material easy to install and remove from your mobile.


Its costs about Rs. 800 in the market and if you buy it from flipkart, it comes for Rs. 450 with 43% Off

Original Price: Rs. 800

Discount Price: Rs. 450 with 43% OFF


2. Capdase Case

Capdase Case for Nokia Lumia 925     Capdase Case for Nokia Lumia 925


It is made up of rubber and it is flexible by nature. Capdase case sticks up with device tight and perfect.


Original Price Rs. 650

Discount Price Rs. 599 with 7% OFF


3. Amzer Kristal Clear Screen Protector

Amzer Kristal Clear Screen Protector


This screen protector will prevent scratches on the Nokia lumia 925's screen without sacrificing visibility. The screen protector includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and an installation card to help you apply the screen protector. It features Bubble-Free application and dust repelling.


Original Price Rs. 299

Discount Price Rs. 238 with 20% OFF


4. S-Line Case



S-Line TPU case is made out of 100% premium material and is a great, light-weight option for protecting your valuable gadget, The durable TPU case absorbs shock from any accidental drops or bumps, You have full access to all buttons without removing it from the case, The TPU case is truly like a second skin and a must have accessory for your daily needs.


Original Price: Rs. 599

Discount Price: Rs. 267 with 55% OFF


5. Mono Case



Made of high quality hard plastic with rubber coating, gives you texture touch feeling while holding. Shields your phone against daily wear and tear such as scratches and bumps. Fits your phone model as specified. Precise openings on the case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone. Adds a touch of color and style. Case is ultra thin, slim, formfitting design, without adding any extra bulk.


Original Price: Rs. 499

Discount Price: Rs. 299 with 40% OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 199

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