Windows 7 Sleep Mode Not Active [Solved]

Sleep mode is a great feature of Windows 7 PCs and laptops to pause the work for sometime and resume it again without wasting much power. Some computers running on Windows 7 would not show up or just fade out the sleep option. This would be a serious issue when talking about the laptops. One cannot afford to loose the battery power of laptop in continual work timings. Sometimes computers will automatically and immediately awakes from sleep mode without our intervention. To avoid these sleep problems with your windows 7 computer, check if any of the following methods would help you get back the control over it.

Method 1: Update Drivers

Drivers issue would be the most silly cause in fading out the sleep option. Most of us don’t care updating drivers of the motherboard for Windows 7. I recommend you to update or reinstall the drivers after immediate installation of the operating system. Most particularly, don’t forget to update or re-install video card drivers on your system.

In the most cases, this method would solve your problem.

Method 2: Configuring Power Options

If the method 1 is not helpful for you then immediately you must check your power options.

Click on start and type sleep in the search box. Then click on Change when the computer sleeps option.

Windows 7 Sleep Mode

Now set put computer to sleep to some time, say 15 minutes just as in my case. Never set it to Never option.

Windows 7 Sleep Mode settings

Your power settings might show different other options like brightness and display dim. These options are totally left to your choice.

Now go to advanced power settings. Expand Sleep  make sure allow awake timers is set to disable.
Windows 7 Sleep Mode Not Active

Scroll down to the multimedia settings, expand when sharing media and set the option to allow computer to sleep.

Method 3: Disable Wake Up Computer Devices

Click on start, type cmd. Right click on the cmd and choose run as administrator.

Now type the following command which lists out all devices and wakes up our computer.

powercfg –devicequery wake_armed
Now you can disable a device by typing in the following command and replacing devicename with the name of the device listed previously

Powercfg -devicedisablewake “devicename
windows 7 sleep problem

You can also prevent devices from waking from the device manager. To do this, go to control panel > hardware and sound > and click on device manager (under the device and printers).

Expand the device you want to disable >  right click on it > Properties.

Under the power management tab, uncheck the allow this device to wake the computer.

Disabling devices to sleep

These above methods should solve your problem hopefully. If these didn’t help you, post me a comment and I will try to assist you for further help.

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