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How does Google Discover,Crawl and Index your Website? | Google SEO

Google, the search engine a SEO blogger would focus to get quality organic traffic while compared to the other search engines. When you search for something on Google, it presents you a list of million results from all over the web on your computer screen. It is like showing you an index page in a book. You can navigate to any of the pages just by referring the page numbers. That’s what Google do, Indexing the stuff on the web.


How Google Index a Webpage

Google takes a lot of care in indexing webpages from the web. Just think, what if Google gives you very irrelevant results on your search? this would be like searching for the periodic table in the physics book. So Google doesn’t compromise about quality content. Regarding this issue Michael Wyszomierski, a techie from Google Search Quality Team speaks on quality content and how Google care about it. You can watch him talking about this in the video below,



How Google Crawl Information?

The process of crawling web content involves the discovery of the content at first. Google uses a huge set of servers to crawl billions of webpages on the web. For this fetching purpose, Google uses automated programs called bots or Google bots in specific as they are used by Google itself only. These bots runs on algorithms to fetch the quality content to the end user (who are using the search engine).


Google’s crawling process starts with the list of previously indexed webpage URLs. Each revisit to the indexed URL’s updates the content from the sitemaps provided by the webmasters. Bots crawl content so viral. If a Google bot encounters any URLs from the webpages it visit, it also starts crawling those links to seek more information to the databases. Any dead links and new links are updated during the bot’s visit and saved.


Crawling content so frequently on a particular website by paying or subscribing premium plans is not allowed by Google. It separates its revenue-generating Adwords business from the search engine’s optimization.



Google came up with its latest search engine update ‘Humming Bird’ along with the previous panda and penguin updates. Rumors flying through the internet that the Google SEO is dead. SEO would be never dead, it would stay alive till the Google lives. Humming Bird is the advanced update of previous search algorithms, it would discover, crawl and index webpages on the internet much better than before. Follow the Google’s webmaster guidelines and Google would never let your website down.


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