Google Page Rank Updated on 6 December 2013 | Last Page Rank Update of 2013

Google surprised webmasters over the world by recently updating its Page Rank on 6th December 2013. It was expected by many of the expert tech bloggers earlier that the Page Rank update released in February would be the last update of this year. Proving all the assumptions wrong, Google has released its last Page Rank update of the year 2013 earlier this December.

On the other side, some other webmasters and bloggers have already expected this update.

Google Page Rank Updated on 6 December 2013

Moreover, this page rank update has brought unexpected changes to the websites till now. As this update process might continue for an upcoming couple of days, it is advised not to worry till it completes.

How Page Rank is calculated?

Page Rank is calculated based on the backlinks, traffic rank, and site authoritativeness. Having a number of quality inbound links helps to get high page rank. Getting high page rank would boost up the ranking of the site as well as traffic from organic search.

Amfas Tech boosted up to Page Rank 2

AmfasTech’s page rank is updated from 0 to 2. As the PR update is not yet finished, I believe this might be temporary and I’m sure it may go further up.


How to check your Page Rank?

You can check your Page Rank HERE. If you are checking your page rank after immediate update(i.e., from 6th December to 13th December), please remember the result might be temporary. Amfas Tech wishes you all the best & congratulations in advance!

Feel free to leave a comment of your opinion on the last Page Rank update of 2013.

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