Unmute your Mobile Phone with a SMS | Turning Off Silent Mode Remotely

Ever forgot where you kept your phone which is in silent mode?

Ever searched for your missed phone and cursed yourself for putting it in silent mode?

If you did so or not you might have been imagining the situation by now. You won’t worry about the misplaced phones which are kept in silent mode any more if you come to know about the application, ‘Agastya’ which turns off the silent mode and makes your phone ring from somewhere.

You may download and install this application from Google Play. After installing on your android phone, it is very easy to set up an account just by entering your email and secret 4-digit PIN number with which you can control the phone through SMS.

You can control the android phone in which you installed this application by sending an SMS of that 4-digit PIN number.

What else you can do with it?

You can just more than just turning off the silent mode on your android. This application allows you to,

1) Contacts (Fetching contact number from your Address book)
2) Call Logs (Checking Missed Calls/Received Calls/Dialed Numbers)
3) IMEI Number
4) Phone Profile (Changing profile mode to Ringer or Silent)
5) SIM Number (Retrieving SIM Number)
6) SMS logs (Checking SMS's received on your phone)

This application also allows you to track the new SIM number if changed. Getting back lost phone is also a good feature of this app.

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