A Dot Net Project on Time Sheet Monitoring


The Project Time Sheet Monitor System is the web based application which deals exclusively the Time Sheet of  the Developer , Manager , Administration of the particular company. This project even deals with Expense sheet also , but presently we deal only with the Time Sheets of the Developer worked on a particular project for a week. It basically list outs the Developers , Projects and the Manager ‘s working for the Company and for which projects they are working for. It even ease the task of the company to review the work efforts of each employee for each work and even reveal the productive work done by them. The company can even assess the project status by looking at the Time Sheet globally , as the developer can type his daily time sheet sitting at his place and logging into this site through net. Once the user ( may be a Developer / Administrator / Manager ) logs on to the net and browse the site and write the Time sheet daily or once in a week , that would be reflected to the database once in a week and that would be reviewed by his manager sitting any where and estimate the productive work done by him for the complete week. The company will be able to view the entire work done by the employees sitting anywhere on the net. Hence this project is very useful for every software companies, Once the user enter to into the site and logs on with his username and password and enters his time sheet for that day or he may enter the whole time sheet for a week , once the user enters for a week then only the data will be entered into the database through ebiz server , till then the data will be stored as an xml document on the server. Hence this is the mechanism involved in the project. It is very useful to the companies to maintain the information of the status of every projects and Developers.


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