Browse Safe! Hide Your Identity On Internet

Browsing on internet securely matters these days. Computer security is not the only concern when it comes to security. Studies say that no best internet protection gives 100% protection to you from being traced. The alternate way to hide your identity on internet to use secured proxies.

TOR is a freeware tool that enables anonymity, composed of free software at client side and a network of servers. It is one of the best tools that provides best anonymity and unblocking on the internet. TOR has different servers available all over the world. It not only provides anonymity on internet but also allows you to access all your favorite websites that are blocked completely securely.

How to download TOR?

Step 1: Go to and click on ‘Download TOR button’.


It is a self contained executable file that can be run directly from a pen drive. It comes with a portable Firefox browser preconfigured allowing users to establish a secured anonymous connection easily and quickly.

Step 2: After download completes, extract. You will find the ‘Start TOR browser’ application file in the extracted folder. Double click on it to launch TOR.

TOR browser extract folder

Configuring TOR

As soon as you click ‘Start TOR Browser’, the ‘Vidalia Control Panel’ will be opened. The network status will be retrieved and after the connection establishes, Firefox browser opens.

Vidalia control panel
TOR connection successful

Firefox configured with TOR

To confirm your selves check the IP address you are connected to from the website, You can notice the difference. The following are the original IP address and proxy IP address respectively.

IP address shown in Google ChromeIP address shown in Firefox

Mine was connected to Texas, United States proxy server which can be noticed in the above screenshot with IP address

In this way TOR proxy tool simply provides you anonymity over the internet. If you wanted no software to be installed like TOR and wanted to use proxies there exists a list of web proxies that provide secure proxy connection just like TOR.

TOR is also blocked sometimes by the network administrators, though, we can unblock the network and access the restricted access easily. Read my article to know How to Unblock TOR.

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