How To Change Album/Cover Art In VLC Player

VLC player is powerful and easy-to-use software to play media. This software maintains a metadata associated with the media your are playing. One of such metadata feature is that showing album art of the media clips you are playing. Sometimes, VLC player can't find the album art or shows the incorrect image that is totally interrelated to the playing media.

Here is way to change the VLC album arts. Just follow the instructions,

1. Open 'VLC player.'

2. Click on 'Media' and choose 'Open File' option from the menu. Browse and open the media clip you want to change the album art for.

3. Right-click the media that is playing in the VLC window and select 'Download Cover Art' from the context menu. The correct cover art will be downloaded into the media clip's metadata.

Sometimes it might not change because of the VLC's cacheed data. Clearing it would solve the problem and will take the correct album art there by reducing the efforts to update it to all the media.

To clear the VLC cache, go to Media > Recent Media menu and click 'Clear' to delete the cache.

Remember: Clearing the cache will also clear your recent played lists. So, better do it in full consciousness.

See you next time!

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  1. Some change Cover art when I chose picture and some will not. HELP!!!!

  2. Not all files can be recognized as official music. So happens sometimes. Thank you for your response anyway. Keep visiting back!


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