Lock your Keyboard and Mouse for Kids

After everything has computerized these days, people started using it for watching their favorite shows on them. There available as many live channels online as on TV’s right now. So the world is moving on to the computers, leaving televisions behind the line of past ages. Computers with webcams replaced most of the conventional voice calls with video calls these days.

When you wanted to show a cartoon video or show them your grand parents or relatives over a video call on your computer or laptop to your kids, you need to make sure they don’t bash your keyboard and play with your mouse while the conversation is going on. Because, as these are the actively connected input devices, keying in randomly or letting kids play with your mouse might not only spoil your conversation but also spoils your software. So it is advised not to leave keyboards and mice active while you are using your computers with your kids.

How to keep it safe?

Should you unplug the devices? The answer is No! If you unplug the input devices and if you needed to respond to a simple error or warning notification, would you like to wrap up yourself in wires every time you want to hit a simple click on the ok button?

For this simple problem I have a simple solution for you. There is a portable tool called Key Freeze which freezes/unfreezes the input devices like keyboard and mouse with just one shortcut key combination or a click. You can download it from here.

How to use it?

As told before, the key freeze activates with CTRL+ALT+DEL combination while running it. It can be controlled with mouse too.


This portable tool works with XP to present versions of Windows operating system. Share you thoughts about this tool in comments below.

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