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MotoCMS Review 2017: Should You Buy It or Not? Why?

Websites everywhere?


Website builders everywhere. The reach of technology to the common computer literate has taken easy norms in such a way to allow them to build their own websites without any technical knowledge but the knowledge of how to use the user interface.

I’ve come across one such content management system, named MotoCMS that enables the users build websites for themselves or companies for their clients conveniently. Let’s peek into the internals of the MotoCMS Website Builder and check if it can become a reliable solution for quick website building.

First impressions – You Should Consider for Buying

The MotoCMS offer two types of website building solutions.
  1. Normal website builder
  2. Store builder
1. Normal website builder – MotoCMS offers various templates of various categories of websites. You can choose to build a website for particular separate business or purpose with ready settings.


Choosing a category of specific website design will take us to the particular category of website gallery to choose from. Each template can be previewed before installation.


2. Store builder – This solution is for online merchants who would like to have a ecommerce website to sell their products or services.


The templates are fully tested, SEO friendly and functional. They can be easily installed in one click with the help of MotoCMS easy user interface.

MotoCMS Hosting

Surprisingly, I’ve found third-party hosting recommendations on MotoCMS hosting page. Featuring InMotion Hosting and Bluehost hosting with the hosting plan details with a link back to their pages is noticeable. This shows the healthy business association and dedication to serve customer better. Hosting recommendations on the page are impressive.

How to tutorials

MotoCMS provides clean tutorials about using their platform. Every step is hierarchically positioned and arranged point wisely.

Several eBooks teaching topics from ‘how to leverage a business online’ to ‘on-page optimization’ guides are made available for free download and self-education. 

Premium tutorials teaching how to audit a website are specially designed to help newbies and non-techies handle their website and business single handedly.

Affiliate program

MotoCMS invites the enthusiastic bloggers and internet marketers to become their affiliate marketers. One can get the following benefits as an affiliate to MotoCMS.
  • Simple 3-step signup process and easy approval.
  • 365-days return cookie. Commissions will be added if any more sales made within a year.
  • Up to 50% commission rate.
  • Payment can be made through bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and WebMoney.
  • 2-tier affiliate system with 5% life-time share of second level affiliate earnings.
  • Can create landing pages along with media kit for promotion.
The affiliate program is promising with best commissions and facilities. Become MotoCMS affiliate in simple 3 steps and try your internet marketing skills here.

Discounts for developers

MotoCMS offers discounts for developers who do websites for their clients. A developer can develop a website with 14-day trail program first, demonstrate to client, get paid and pay for the plan.

Benefits that a developer gets through this discount program:
  • Up to 50% per template chosen.
  • White label for just $9/license.
  • Free professional support for every loyalty level.
  • Sell your product at your cost.
  • Build your own business strategy.
  • Develop your business brand.
  • Free installations of templates along with technical support
  • 2 hour quick ticket response time.
The developer discount program is also impressive. It is useful for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups which can’t afford to invest more on the development cost at first. An budding business owner can consider MotoCMS in this perspective.

Second impressions – You Should Not Buy If…

Not every tools or business is perfect. MotoCMS also need to evolve and hopefully it would. Here are some of the features that this website builder have missed in my perspective.
  • Expert developers need every byte of code written to watch and take control. MotoCMS need to improve its user interface in this perspective.
  • No native hosting – Generally, the users will expect a native hosting from MotoCMS as soon as they find the hosting button. Third-party recommendations aren’t bad but  disappointed.
  • Not good for bloggers – Bloggers can’t utilize this platform well. They need plugins, control over the content mostly. MotoCMS creates professional websites for business and personal. They can’t be effectively sued as blogs. Hope they would introduce a good solution for bloggers as well.


MotoCMS is a good website building platform with neat and easy user interface. An individual or a budding entrepreneur can create professional websites easily and proficiently without any expertise knowledge in web development technologies. Still, there are some additional features yet to be added for the sake of all rounder satisfaction to the platform just like for bloggers also. Hopefully they would bring more transformations in their future evolution.

What do you think about MotoCMS? Did you like it? Share your thoughts about it in comments below.
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How to Write Strong Conclusion that Rocks Your Readers' Mind

Blog posts and articles are made to impress and to cause some kind of reaction from the audience. That’s why writers struggle so much, trying to come with catchy headlines, intriguing opening, and strong texts that are able not only to grab the readers’ attention but to hold it until the very end.


However, when everything of the above is done and done perfectly, you might find yourself wondering how to wrap it up right. If your text is awesome, its conclusion has to be awesome too – but after you’d put so many efforts into all of the above, the conclusion might be hard to create. What do you have to say when it seems like you’ve already said everything?


Why is it so important to write a conclusion?

First, we would like you to think about why it is so important to write a strong conclusion. When you put so many efforts into writing the text, does it really matter what is said at the end? Yes, it is. It is just as important as writing the whole text because the conclusion will be the last thing your readers will remember and it will affect their impression. Our mind tends to remember the last thing we read, not the thing that impressed us the most during the reading process.


Moreover, these days the internet is filled with all kinds of articles. Being overloaded with information, your readers still decide to read your text, spending their time and attention on that. That’s why you have to thank them for that, showing that it was worthwhile with the help of a strong conclusion.


Second, we want, to offer you some tips that will make the whole conclusion writing process much easier.


1. Make it a synopsis.

Some writers try to add something that hadn’t been said in the text to the conclusion. Some writers try to turn it into something completely different from the whole text. However, a conclusion has to be what it is supposed to be – a brief synopsis of the whole text above, accompanied with some sort of your opinion.




The tricky thing here is that has to repeat the whole text, but look different at the same time. By the time your audience will finish reading the whole text, it could be hard for them to keep all the important things in mind. That’s why a conclusion has to repeat them, making it sound differently from the whole text. Moreover, this synopsis doesn’t have to be long – its size depends on the post, but 50-100 words are usually enough.


2. Appeal to emotions.

A good text has to provoke a strong emotional reaction. Most of the writers do keep this in mind during the whole writing process and know very well what emotions they want to awake in their readers. It’s good when the conclusion addresses these emotions well, pairing up with the readers’ mental state. It feels natural and good this way.


For example, if your article addresses a certain problem, it’s good to raise some important questions in the conclusion. And if your article is supposed to be motivating or educational, it’s good to encourage the readers in some way at the end.


3. Be positive and inspiring.

Positive impression always lasts longer and gets remembered better. That’s why you have to make the conclusion as inspiring as possible. However, that’s not the only reason.


A well-written text can have a very powerful impact on one’s life, encouraging this person to do something. That’s why you should miss an opportunity to do so, ending it with an inspiring conclusion. In this case, the conclusion has to look similar to the opening, being just as strong as encouraging.


4. Use some kind of a call-to-action.

We know that call-to-action is a powerful marketing tool. Despite knowing that, not all of us use it in texts. Some texts don’t actually need it – they are provocative enough on their own and have enough cliffhangers that push the readers to react in some way. However, other texts might need this.


Why is call-to-action so important? Because the texts with comments look more interesting to the readers and because call-to-action is not always about comments only. For example, it can also encourage your readers to share your posts on social media, to subscribe to get more articles, and so on.


You can do it in so many ways. Ask questions so the readers can answer them in comments. Encourage them to share their own experience. Inspire them to act. Ask them to share this information, and so on. Choose the way that seems the most appropriate to you and related to the article’s mood as well.


Of course, a strong conclusion isn’t the only thing that is needed to make your article good enough. It’s important to make the whole article interesting, to know how to grab and hold the readers’ attention, to use proofreading and editing services in order to make it better.


However, a strong conclusion is able to add a great final touch to the whole article, giving the readers enough inspiration, encouraging them to take action, and, of course, leaving them with the nice last impression (that is going to be lasting too). That’s why it is so important to work hard on it in order to make it look as good as possible.


Maybe you have developed your own tips that help you create strong conclusions? Or maybe you have some stories about how exactly did strong conclusion affect your feedback, conversion, and traffic? In any case, feel free to share your experience as well as your tips in the comment section below. It would be interesting both for us and for our readers to read them.


Author Bio: Lori Wade is a freelance content writer for Thriving Writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. Lori is used to handling many writing orders at the same time and as she likes sharing her ideas and experience, she decided to write a great article for you to show how multiple tasks should be dealt with. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or find her on other social media. Read and take over Lori’s useful insights!
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Which Managed WordPress Hosting Will be Best for Blogging?

Regardless of the type of business you are in – small or large scale, blogging will be an integral part of your business. From the innumerous benefits of having a blog, below are the top reasons for owning one:

  • It will help you in driving traffic to your website.
  • Positioning your brand name in the market.
  • Increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.
  • Building and maintaining lasting customer relationships.

Running a blog and maintaining it is not as easy as it sounds, but with CMS platforms like WordPress, it is!


Whenever we talk about blogging, WordPress cannot be missed out. It is one of the most used content publishing platforms that enjoys a 58.9% share in the CMS market (which is the maximum) as on 11th April 2017 per W3Techs.


WordPress is an open source software that helps you maintain everything from a simple personal blogging website to a large commercial site with hundreds of sites. But, there are many other factors that a user needs to ensure while going for a WordPress hosting like security of the site, uptime guarantee, use of plugins and themes, etc.


When you start a blog, you have less things to manage, but as your blogging business starts spreading wings your need for apt management also increases. Your site can face downtime issues due to excessive server load, lack of proper security features can lead to your data getting compromised. Eventually, a stage may come when more than developing your blog you will be caught in solving the technical issues. That’s a waste of time and resources.




So, what is the solution?


Considering the issues of WP management, many service providers like WPEngine, HostGator, ZNetLive offer Managed WordPress Hosting services.


Managed WordPress Hosting – complete management of your site

A managed WordPress hosting will allow you to leverage the power and simplicity of WordPress without having to maintain the regular updates, security, or other technical adjustments.


One of the biggest advantage of taking managed WP hosting is that you get a server space dedicated to your site needs, so you don’t necessarily need to worry about web cache or bandwidth – as your website performance would be nearly blazing fast.


You can get the maximum of your WordPress site if you are taking it from the right host. The right host should be able to:

  • Provide complete security to your site through various security patches.
  • Ensure that your data and other intellectual property is safe within the web control panel.
  • Scan your website for all types of malware and can block any hacking attempts as well.
  • Provide developer tools like version control and staging environment to manage your site effectively.
  • Provide complete support, with a dedicated team who will look into the working of your site and handle any technical issues as and when they arise.
  • Maintain daily remote site backups to ensure availability of your data.

ZNetLive’s Managed WordPress Hosting

ZNetLive has been providing web hosting services and cloud-based services and productivity solutions since a long time and is known for their quality products and on-time support facility. They also provide Managed WordPress hosting in India and around the world to help you manage your WordPress site effectively. They offer various WordPress hosting plans for meeting the requirement of all with – Starter, Standard, Professional, Premium and Enterprise plans all backed with the powerful management through the Plesk Onyx control panel.


Their latest WordPress toolkit 2.0 enabled managed WordPress hosting has got many additional functionalities and features to support your WordPress Environment. Let’s have a look at them:


A) Installation and Updates

  • The latest update, allows one click installation of everything. With one click you can download WP which will further create a database with the DB user and create an admin account in WordPress and initialize its use.
  • It also provides one click hardening feature that scans all your installation to protect your site against any suspicious activity.
  • You can easily transfer your WordPress site from one host to another. As soon as you transfer, your site will be added to the WordPress toolkit automatically.
  • They also let you develop a staging environment within the toolkit, where you can perform various coding activities without making changes to the live production site.

B) WordPress Development

  • You can easily synchronize data between two WP instances on your server.
  • You can manage all debug options in WP or on a per-instance basis from a single interface.
  • It allows site indexing, with which you can enable or disable site indexing based on a per-instance basis by search engines.
  • You can set password protection for your staging environment, so that only the authorized person can perform any development activity.

C) WordPress Maintenance

  • You can make changes to all your installations either in one-click or manage each individually and have complete information regarding its version number, security status etc.
  • Get the option to activate WP maintenance mode while adding any plugin, or themes with a single click.
  • Get Easy and quick access to all plugins and themes with the ability to enable/disable any plugin on one or more instances or to remove them from any.
  • Get the benefit of automatic updates from a central point of control.

D) Enhancements

  • Run any WP-CLI command present on WordPress. Easily import database, create new users, update themes and much more.
  • You can even automate WordPress Toolkit simply by connecting to its API or CLI.
  • With Reseller management facility, you can manage all the WordPress instances that are owned by your customers that too from a single point of entry.

Apart from all the amazing features, they provide complete support to help you manage everything with ease. So, if you are looking to buy managed WordPress hosting then ZNetLive is worth a shot.

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How To Drive Massive Traffic With Instagram Marketing

How To Drive Massive Traffic With Instagram Marketing
How To Drive Massive Traffic With Instagram Marketing

This article is sponsored by

If you want to get traffic to your website from Instagram, you have to start by building your Instagram following and spike your engagement. Amfas Tech has partnered with GetRiver to just do that.

Head over to GetRiver.Com and start your 7-day unrestricted free trial.

Instagram seems to be a relaxed social media network to share cool photos and videos. With the introduction of stories, it brought in another feature to showcase your work in a new way.

Beside those image sharing capabilities, Instagram holds an amazing potential to bring traffic to your website.

Profile Management

Your profile is your home on the social media channels. It shows who you are. A neatly maintained profile shows your authority and credibility.

Proper username: Choose a username that best describes you or your business. It should be brandable, memorable and shareable. Also make sure it is compatible with your other social media handles. The best policy is to have a common username across all the social media.

Website link in the bio: Being an image sharing platform Instagram doesn’t allow sharing of links everywhere. The only place you can put a link is in the bio. Never make the mistake of keeping a bio without a website URL.

Proper utilization of bio: Bio is the place where you can introduce yourself to your audience. A proper Instagram bio tells how you can help the readers and includes a call to action and/or an irresistible offer.

link in IG bio
Link in the Instagram Bio


Proper Strategy and Goals

Without a proper strategy and goals all the efforts, energy and money will be spent without any focus towards any specific outcome. The worst part is you won’t be able to measure your success.


Set a time frame: A specific timeframe will keep you in check and you will be able to finish your tasks. Goals without a timeframe never get completed.


Set goals about Followers & Reach: Your ultimate target is to increase your followers & reach and convert that traffic into website visits. Start with small achievable goals and expand from them.


Analysis: Instagram business account gives you access to analytics. Take advantage of it and keep a track on your growth rate and followers count.


Leverage Influencers

Influencers already have a huge follower number. It would be a wise move to collaborate with them. They are credible and trustable.
Use proper call to action when leveraging influencers as you wouldn’t want to waste a valuable chance to convert the incoming traffic as into your own.

Brandable Hashtags

Instagram is all about hashtags. It is the soul of this platform. Using proper brandable & unique hashtags strategically will help others to discover your content.
Find some popular hashtags and mix them with your brand hashtags to tag them with your content.
Your goal is to help your ideal followers to find your content through hashtags. Never make the mistake of hashtag abuse. More hashtags doesn’t mean more discoverability. It looks like spam.

Instagram Ads

Instagram provided a new opportunity to publishers to promote their content through ads.
With sponsored posts you get the ability to reach more audience irrespective of your follower count. You can target audience based on interest, demographics, age and other parameters. With a proper d strategy you can maximize your web traffic.

Exclusive Instagram Only Images

What’s the point of sharing all the images from other social media profiles to Instagram. Why would anyone want to look at the same images everywhere. Give some effort to create exclusive Instagram image only. This will keep your followers refreshed.

Be Active and Engaged

An inactive profile looks dull and is a major factor why visitors won’t follow your. The more you engage with others, more you are seen as valuable & reliable.
If you don’t have time to engage with other accounts, experts at can help by engaging on your behalf.
The Manage Package is the best one they offer, it can engage you with around 40k new people every month. Once properly set up, you do not have to anything and River will perform actions on your behalf 24/7.
Reply and answer as soon as possible whenever someone comments on your posts. Not only that but you have to interact with the content of other Instagrammers on their posts. This activity increases your exposure to other audience and builds your authority.
Each social media has its own benefits. Advantage of Instagram is it allows you to build your brand.
It’s true that driving traffic from Instagram is tougher than other social media platforms but with proper planning it is possible to drive traffic to your website.
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Using Best Software to Recover Files Free–No Experience Needed

Data that is created can be lost too. Digital data loss is causes more damage than the physical data loss. Sometimes, it is inevitable to protect the data on our average PCs. The amount of threats and reasons for the data loss are more than the grain of sand these days. The data can be recovered using only a best data recovery software.


How to protect data?

Using a good antivirus software and constant surveillance of the data on your disks will help you keep track of the health of the data and impact of infections if any caused due to viruses.


Data loss can happen due to many reasons. Some of the major reasons are as followed:

  1. Accidental deletion
  2. Formatting
  3. Hard drive failure
  4. Virus attack
  5. System crash
  6. Partition loss
  7. RAW partition

and some other reasons.


The data loss can happen due to disk overloaded usage (damaged disks), formatting and software incompatibilities other than virus and partition losses. So, it is also important to have a software that recovers lost data with no major effort.


How to recover files for free? Which software to use?

EaseUs offers a free data recovery software that recovers lost data in various ways as said above, easily. It guides the user to find our lost files precisely from PC, laptop, hard drive, pen dives, memory cards, digital cameras and any other USB drives in three simple steps.


Step 1: Launch the software after installing on your PC.




Step 2: Scan the partition or drive for the deleted files.




Step 3: Select the files and recover.




Every step is spoon-fed guided and the user need no prior experience of data recovery. In order to recover the data from a formatted hard drive or damaged disk, better connect it to a working PC and do the recovery operations for best results.


The data recovery software free from EaseUs has some limitations though. If you are looking out for complete data protection solution, upgrade to EaseUs Data Recovery Pro that helps you recover the PC in critical crashing and bootable formats.


Features & Limitations of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free:

The following are the features of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free:

  • Free for life time.
  • Recovers all type of files including photos, audio, video, emails and compressed files.
  • Recovers data from all types of devices including PCs, laptops, HDDs, SSDs, USB storage media, servers, RAID and much more.
  • Recovers formatted, deleted and inaccessible data.
  • Can export or import scanning results.

There are some limitations to these awesome features of the software and that won’t limit the feature in functionality but in amounts.

  • Can only recover data up to 2GB.

This one limitation stops the recovery of large files on the computer which might the important ones amongst all. In that case, upgrading the license once in lifetime ensures the security of the data on the computer.


Some data recovery services like Data Recovery San Francisco costs ten times more than the license of this simple and powerful recovery software. So, it is always worth investing money over a software with lifetime license than on a data recovery service once.


Features & Possibilities of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro:

The following are the features and possibilities of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro and Pro+WinPE:

  • Can recover data of unlimited size.
  • Can recover data deleted due to different reasons like formatting, accidental loss, corruption and more.
  • Recovers all types of files including photos, audio, documents, emails and compressed files.
  • Recovers data from all types of devices including PCs, laptops, HDDs, SSDs, USB storage media, servers, RAID and much more.
  • Free lifetime upgrade for 1 PC.
  • Free lifetime technical support.
  • Bootable media for emergency.


Data recovery business is the wealthiest business of all computer related businesses. If we consider the cost of the service with the cost of the data recovery software, it would be the tenth part of it. Of course, the software wizards will have easy take through interfaces that need no prior data recovery experience by the user. However, a professional’s help might be needed in times of critical emergencies.

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How to Use Blogging to Advance Your Career

It’s no longer unique to have a blog. In fact, if you haven’t made the leap into blogging, it may be time to consider it. Blogging is a great way to explore hobbies and interests, get to know new people, and express your thoughts and opinions. If you are smart about it, you can even use blogging as a way to advance your career.

Think about it. Nearly every business leader has a blog or other online forum where they make their presence known and thoughts heard. Keep reading for some more insights into how you can use blogging to move up in your career.

Expand Your Network of Contacts

Once you start writing content that is of interest to people in your industry, you will begin to develop a following. This may come slowly, but if you stick with it and write great posts, it will happen. Each member of this audience has the potential to be a future coworker, mentor, employer, or simply a friendly acquaintance with similar goals and interests.

Nurture these contacts. Engage with them, and value their participation on your blog.

Display Your Work And Accomplishments

In addition to being a space to share your thoughts and opinions, your blog can also serve as your professional portfolio. Use it to share pictures and other information on your work and to let your audience know when you have accomplished something noteworthy or reached an important milestone in your career.

Of course, you don’t want to be too self-aggrandizing. On the other hand, if you don’t announce your accomplishments, who will?

Develop Relationships With Influencers in Your Industry

Once you earn a decent following and have a solid collection of industry relevant posts on your blog, it’s time to reach out to the folks who hold some influence in your industry. You can start by following their blogs, sharing their posts, and commenting on their content. Eventually, they will take notice as will their followers.

Once you have created some mutual engagement, you can start to take the relationship a bit further. For example, curate some of their content with a bit of lead in the commentary of your own. Reach out to them via private message and let them know that you are sharing one of their pieces. Invite them to write a guest blog or even to provide feedback on something you have written.

These important relationships can be very helpful when it comes to reaching your career goals. They can also add to the quality of your blog and overall social media presence.


Establish Thought Leadership

This may be the most valuable part of starting a career related blog. It is your opportunity to show what you know, to state opinions, to make predictions, and generally let people know that you are on top of your game.

To establish thought leadership, focus on writing lots of posts that address important issues in your industry. Tell your story to let people know how you have made your way through the ranks and earned your mark. Engage with your followers and give advice. If it fits your niche, create lots of how-to content. You might even consider creating some video content or publishing some SlideShare presentations. Another option is to write posts about your career path.


Demonstrate Your Writing Skills

One useful byproduct of having a blog that you share with people in your niche is that it gives you the opportunity to show your soft skills. One of the most important of these is your ability to effectively get your thoughts across in writing.



No matter what your career goals or which industry you are in, having great writing skills is always going to be a plus. To that end, pay special attention to the quality of your writing. Make sure that your spelling and grammar is impeccable. Then use visuals and links to data to make your writing even more impactful.


Link to Your Blog on Resumes And Social Profiles



Once you’ve established a great blog, you want to get the word out. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog in the contact information on your resume. In addition to this, when you fill out your social media profiles, be sure you include a link to your blog there as well. This way, when people connect to you on social media they will also find your blog.


Make a Lasting Impression With Visuals

We touched on using visuals a bit above. However, this is important enough to warrant its own point. Use photographs, infographics, videos, and other visual content in your blog. You will find that these posts create more engagement, and drive more traffic to your blog.



When it comes to advancing your career, a well-written blog can really be a useful asset. Just be sure to produce top quality content, reach out to others, and show your stuff.

Author΄s bio: Diana Beyer is experienced, self-driven specialist and content editor at Alltopreviews who is passionate about writing. She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth.

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6 Major Reasons to Adopt Swift For iOS App Development

Have you decided to develop an iOS application? You might face some of the challenges while choosing a right programming language for building. It’s obvious as choosing a right and suitable language is the most important step that can make or break your application.


With the inception of Swift, a lot of developers have started using this high-end language that is a general purpose compiled and multi-paradigm programming language. Developed by Apple for iOS developers to build codes for iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, Linux, and TVOS.


In addition to this, Swift was developed using an approach that is both modern and is ease of use to develop software patterns and enhance the performance of an application. Many of you all are aware of this language that is new yet powerful.




If you are planning to develop an iOS application, opting for Swift is the best choice for you as it comes with enormous features to make you amaze.


Let’s Have a Look at the Different Reasons to Adopt Swift for Developing iOS Apps


Open Source & Gaining Popularity Instantly

Swift is the most powerful programming language over other programming languages. Being an open source language, it has gained much popularity in the market as it makes it immediately accessible and less costly for startup companies.


As per the studies, open source software/languages mutually help business owners to save approximately $60 billion per year. The language is obtainable on Linux and work is being done to bring Swift to Windows.


Moreover, the language shows an excellent potentiality and growing rapidly. It was a monopoly for Objective-C to develop native iOS application until 2014; however, Swift has brought an end to that era.


A Lot Easier to Read as well as Write

One of the best things about Swift programming language is that it drops practices like ending with semicolons or using digression to surround conditional expressions inside if/else statements.


Further, the language’s method and function calls make use of the benchmark convention of a comma-separated list of parameters. With lesser code, it helps you to get the same results as per the syntax requirements. The results will be clear, simpler, and more expressive language.


The readability of this language has made it easy for programmers from JavaScript, Java, Python, C++ and C# to adopt Swift into their tool chain.


A Highly Innovative Approach

It’s true that the Swift is a new language and it is the main reason why you should start learning it right now. Mainly designed to make app development more interactive and approachable, Swift has made app developing more accessible for all those, who are developing their own applications.


This is the reason why Swift will be widely used. We can consider this programming language of the future. So, it is advisable for you to adopt the principle – the newer – the better. You should be the one, who stepped into the future in the front row.


Well, it is right that any other innovation, Swift needs some adjustments and learning. It is a good option that you make use of something that is popular; however, it is way better to be the one, who’s engaged in the process of enhancements and innovations.


Safer and A Lot Easier to Maintain

As we all know that safety is the most important aspect when it comes to mobile applications. In this cutthroat market, a startup should concentrate on developing a highly secure mobile application.


In addition to this, if the application is easy to maintain, it is a boon really. Swift is a highly amazing language that delivers both benefits at the same time. Whether it is the way it handles bugs or calls the pointer variables, it is well-known for producing safer applications than Objective-C.


Apart from this, Swift is highly easier language to maintain and it doesn’t have any kind of legacy code to deal with. This language doesn’t have any dependencies like Objective-C. So, opting for Swift for building an iOS application is a right option because of its safe feature.


Fast Yet Powerful Programming Language

From its beginning, the Swift programming language was mainly developed to be the fast and considered as a powerful. The codes that are written in this language are compatible with the latest hardware and get most out of them.


The syntax and standard library of this language ensure that the Swift codes function amazingly. However, the successor of Swift to the languages C and Objective-C, and it includes the primitives of programming like types, operators, and the flow controls.


Furthermore, the language also comes with some of the borrowed features, comprising classes, generic, protocols and more from the object-oriented language. It delivers the Cocoa and the Cocoa Touch developers the power of programming that is required to build some powerful quality apps.


It is one such programming language, which is mainly built to be something way grand when compared to its predecessors. However, the language is still in its work-in-progress mode, but you should adopt this high-end language because of its new and undiscovered potential that will make it easier to code.


Less Code Means Fewer Chances of Errors

As already mentioned that Swift requires less code than other programming languages, the chances of errors will be less. As a functional programming language, Swift is highly popular for supporting passing functions as variables.


Thus, you can develop highly generic code that can do a lot of amazing things, decreasing repetition and efforts. Along with this, Swift’s expectable behavior when a null optional variable is used, this is the programming language that triggers a runtime crash.


The bang fuels-up the bug-fixing process because of its consistent behavior and it forces users to fix the problem instantly. Hence, the development time will be reduced.


Above-mentioned reasons will surely make you ready to adopt Swift for building iOS application. These reasons are enough for any iOS developer to adopt this high-end and powerful programming language that makes development easy.


If you want to develop a feature-rich iOS application with requisite features, you can hire an experienced iPhone app development company that has a veteran team of iOS app developers with a specialization in Swift language and other latest tools.


Author Bio: Sohel Ather writes on iOS App Development topic for Space-O Technologies - You may contact, if you are looking to hire experienced team of iOS App designers and developers to comprehend your needs.

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10 Tips For Learning Writing With The Help Of Technology

It would be fair to say that a talent and skill for writing is something that comes from deep within a person, a unique passion and special way for them to express themselves. However, it would also be fair to say that a writer, no matter how talented they are, can always sharpen the skills that they have and improve upon them.


In this current age of abundant technology, there are more than just a few ways to incorporate modern tools in to your writing. If you are looking to teach writing and in turn elevate your own writing skills, then check out these ten great ways that technology can lend a helping hand.




1. Download Writing Prompt Apps

Thanks to the age of smartphones, apps are a constant factor in everyday life. There are many apps for writers, with some of the best being programs that will give you a completely random prompt from which to begin a writing exercise. These apps can be a perfect way to broaden your horizons in terms of themes, and start to explore writing about things that are not necessarily in your comfort zone.


2. Join An Online Workshop

Thanks to the huge reach of the internet, there are now hundreds if not thousands of opportunities for you to enroll in a free writing workshop that will put you in contact with plenty of other aspiring writers who are eager to learn and expand their experience. You can even do some anonymously if your confidence is low.


3. Start A Blog

Pick from any one of the dozens of major blogging sites online and simply start writing. It doesn’t matter what you write about and how long or short your entries are, the point is that you are making a collection of work that you can then look at and see areas where you can improve. It’s also great to share and receive feedback from other bloggers; it’s a really generous community.


4. Editing Software

If you can write and write for hours but struggle when it comes to editing your work in to something that looks and reads more professional, then the best thing to do is to download an editing program that can scan your work and highlight areas where your writing could be tighter or more impactful.


5. Try Mind Mapping

You may have done this the old fashioned way on pen and paper before, but using technology and apps to do your mind mapping can be a really beneficial experience. An online mind map allows you to be much more in depth than on paper, with the ability to create subsections and different levels in the map that could result in richer writing.


6. Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the greatest things to come out of the technology boom, and the profession and hobby of writing is one that is covered on a number of high profile shows. Having the ability to listen to interviews and advice from professional authors from the comfort of your own smartphone can really inspire you to get writing and teach you new techniques.


7. Enroll In An Online Course

The beauty of the internet means that you can do all the learning that you need to from the comfort of your own home. Seek out the kind of writing course that you are craving, whether it’s genre specific or more broad; there is a whole fountain of knowledge out there waiting for you to dunk your head in!


8. Use Grammarly

If writing comes easily to you but proofreading does not, then you can take your finished products to a whole new level by using Grammarly, a program that scans all of your work and corrects grammatical errors as well as highlighting words and passages and suggesting subtle changes that will improve the entire feel of the writing.


9. Listing To Audiobooks

Sometimes those who write don’t find time to actually read, and this is where audiobooks come in to their own. The best way to expand your own vocabulary and writing skill set is to learn and take inspiration from others, and listening to prose can be a really hypnotic and immersive experience that can inspire you in more ways than you thought might have been possible.


10. Order Writing For Comparison

Sometimes the best way of recognizing flaws in your own work is to compare to levels of writing that are different, sometimes higher, than yours. A really easy way to get your hands on great writing content is to order it. You can order a piece of writing to your own specifications, and reading the work of an experienced professional can often educate you in areas concerning your own writing skills.


About author: Kate Simpson is a writer and editor at Assignmentmasters. She is keen on providing useful tech tips for students.
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