MotoCMS Review 2017: Should You Buy It or Not? Why?

Websites everywhere?


Website builders everywhere. The reach of technology to the common computer literate has taken easy norms in such a way to allow them to build their own websites without any technical knowledge but the knowledge of how to use the user interface.

I’ve come across one such content management system, named MotoCMS that enables the users build websites for themselves or companies for their clients conveniently. Let’s peek into the internals of the MotoCMS Website Builder and check if it can become a reliable solution for quick website building.

First impressions – You Should Consider for Buying

The MotoCMS offer two types of website building solutions.
  1. Normal website builder
  2. Store builder
1. Normal website builder – MotoCMS offers various templates of various categories of websites. You can choose to build a website for particular separate business or purpose with ready settings.


Choosing a category of specific website design will take us to the particular category of website gallery to choose from. Each template can be previewed before installation.


2. Store builder – This solution is for online merchants who would like to have a ecommerce website to sell their products or services.


The templates are fully tested, SEO friendly and functional. They can be easily installed in one click with the help of MotoCMS easy user interface.

MotoCMS Hosting

Surprisingly, I’ve found third-party hosting recommendations on MotoCMS hosting page. Featuring InMotion Hosting and Bluehost hosting with the hosting plan details with a link back to their pages is noticeable. This shows the healthy business association and dedication to serve customer better. Hosting recommendations on the page are impressive.

How to tutorials

MotoCMS provides clean tutorials about using their platform. Every step is hierarchically positioned and arranged point wisely.

Several eBooks teaching topics from ‘how to leverage a business online’ to ‘on-page optimization’ guides are made available for free download and self-education. 

Premium tutorials teaching how to audit a website are specially designed to help newbies and non-techies handle their website and business single handedly.

Affiliate program

MotoCMS invites the enthusiastic bloggers and internet marketers to become their affiliate marketers. One can get the following benefits as an affiliate to MotoCMS.
  • Simple 3-step signup process and easy approval.
  • 365-days return cookie. Commissions will be added if any more sales made within a year.
  • Up to 50% commission rate.
  • Payment can be made through bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and WebMoney.
  • 2-tier affiliate system with 5% life-time share of second level affiliate earnings.
  • Can create landing pages along with media kit for promotion.
The affiliate program is promising with best commissions and facilities. Become MotoCMS affiliate in simple 3 steps and try your internet marketing skills here.

Discounts for developers

MotoCMS offers discounts for developers who do websites for their clients. A developer can develop a website with 14-day trail program first, demonstrate to client, get paid and pay for the plan.

Benefits that a developer gets through this discount program:
  • Up to 50% per template chosen.
  • White label for just $9/license.
  • Free professional support for every loyalty level.
  • Sell your product at your cost.
  • Build your own business strategy.
  • Develop your business brand.
  • Free installations of templates along with technical support
  • 2 hour quick ticket response time.
The developer discount program is also impressive. It is useful for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups which can’t afford to invest more on the development cost at first. An budding business owner can consider MotoCMS in this perspective.

Second impressions – You Should Not Buy If…

Not every tools or business is perfect. MotoCMS also need to evolve and hopefully it would. Here are some of the features that this website builder have missed in my perspective.
  • Expert developers need every byte of code written to watch and take control. MotoCMS need to improve its user interface in this perspective.
  • No native hosting – Generally, the users will expect a native hosting from MotoCMS as soon as they find the hosting button. Third-party recommendations aren’t bad but  disappointed.
  • Not good for bloggers – Bloggers can’t utilize this platform well. They need plugins, control over the content mostly. MotoCMS creates professional websites for business and personal. They can’t be effectively sued as blogs. Hope they would introduce a good solution for bloggers as well.


MotoCMS is a good website building platform with neat and easy user interface. An individual or a budding entrepreneur can create professional websites easily and proficiently without any expertise knowledge in web development technologies. Still, there are some additional features yet to be added for the sake of all rounder satisfaction to the platform just like for bloggers also. Hopefully they would bring more transformations in their future evolution.

What do you think about MotoCMS? Did you like it? Share your thoughts about it in comments below.

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