How to Get Blog Subscribers from Mozilla Firefox Affiliates?
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How to Get Blog Subscribers from Mozilla Firefox Affiliates?

Your most loved web browser is now capable of sending some pieces of cakes to your website. Can you believe that you can get quality traffic from Mozilla Firefox those possibly can turn into your blog subscribers?


Yeah, it’s true!


Mozilla Firefox has introduced an affiliate system for website owners allowing them to promote their products, there by giving them/their sites global exposure.


They provide a simple dashboard for signed up publishers where they are allowed to create banners of their products and promote them.


Let’s take a tour of how can you get subscribers from Firefox affiliates in a step-by-step process.


Signing up is very easy

No over filling of details and no waiting for responses, Mozilla approves the account immediately.




Go to and click on ‘Get started’ button to signup.




Enter you email ID and click ‘Next’. Wait for a minute and let Mozilla create a dashboard for you.


Creating banners




(The above screenshot is taken after I created a banner already)


It shows the statistics of your banners that were created and their rank among all the Firefox affiliate banners on the internet.


Scroll down and you would see a button ‘Create a new banner >>’. Click on it to create your first banner.




(You can create as many banners as you want in future)


Choose a category of banners to create. Generally, app categories for Mozilla's products for different purposes and devices are shown.




Choose a category and configure your banner. Click on Save and it will generate the embed code to be installed in your website.


This is how the code looks like:


This is how the banner looks when installed on the site:



There available limited sizes, yet adorable banners that  would catch the visitors attention on visiting the page/site.


Profile information

Fill in your profile information, or else you would not get benefited from this affiliates program. Go to top of the screen > mouse hover over your name > click on profile from the options shown.




Enter the details and save it.


Getting traffic

This is the interesting part of whole affiliate system. It might have been interpreted as a voluntary service but in the point of bloggers’ view, it is a good place to get global exposure.


Banners with highest clicks will be featured on leaderboard and it is as shown below:




One shot, two birds

This will not only showcase your profile in the volunteered services but also provides a chance meet good partners of your niche. It will help you meet new and ‘true’ savvies to work with.


By the way, the subscribers that you are going to get would be the people who genuinely liked your website and your work. I hope that they can make your site beautiful and useful with their involvement in the form of comments and shares.


Cherry on the cake

Your volunteer service to Mozilla community is not wasted. Top performing profiles would get awarded Mozilla Firefox goodies and gift hampers. However, they don’t give monitory gifts to the affiliates and this might disappoint if you are looking forward to earn some bucks form doing this. 


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