Native 'Call record' Option on Google Phone App is Practically Useless

The most awaited option on Pixel and Android One devices is available now through the updated Google phone app. It is known that Google has made the phone app available for all android devices a couple of weeks ago.

For those running on Android 10 who have been looking out for various call recording options, this update relieved them from the stress of losing pieces of evidence.

There was no proper app in the play store that could fulfil the purpose while all other custom skinned phones having their own native call record option integrated into their call screens.

Call recording option is not new to the smartphones but the implementation is quite intriguing.

In some countries, as per the law, one cannot record the phone call without the consent of the speaker on the other side. That's why we still hear, 'this call is being recorded for internal training purposes'  when we dial to customer care.

Unfortunately, there is no particular law governing it in India. Because the courts are accepting the call recordings as evidence and they are valid.

That means recording a phone call is not illegal though it not mutual consented. This loop in the jurisdiction have lifted off the beep sound from the call recording apps since Symbian OS times.

So, the point is when the other mobile phone companies are giving it flawless although less intuitive, why Google has to do a voice disclaimer before and after recording every time.

The disclaimer is not respect, it is an offence in India

Yes, call recording without the consent of the other person or notice is taken less offensive or not at all. Sometimes, the other person would know that the other person can record the call but he will still be okay with the silent understanding between him and the caller.

What did Google do?

Google has introduced an intuitive call record option to the stock android phones, i.e., for Pixel, and 'Android One' devices.

This option is really well integrated into the pure stock android operating system. The recorded call would appear in the recent calls list and we can play the recording right from there unlike the native call recording options on custom skinned phones. Also, we can play the recording right from the call history of a particular contact.

No native call recorder app has this intuitive integration into the operating system. But, there is a stop gate here.

It notifies the receiver with a voice disclaimer, 'this call is being recorded' as soon as we press that beautiful round 'record' option on the call screen. And also notifies when the recording is stopped, 'the call recording is now stopped.'

The call record option on Google Phone app is a princess with a curse that turns into an ogre in the nights. It is not as beautiful as its intuitive integration as for its functionality unless it is for professional calls that need to be recorded with mutual consent.

Hope Google identifies the open door in the Indian judiciary and removes this disclaimer in those countries with no restrictions. I hope someone from Google read this post.

What do you think? Do you think it's fair to play a voice disclaimer to the receiver before recording the call? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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