How to Create Aesthetic YouTube Videos Using InVideo to Get Maximum Views?

Youtube is the king of video content. It is also the second most popular search engine out there. People who come to Youtube not only search for videos but also general content. This means that it is an excellent opportunity for brands to look into it and cater to the demands of the customer. Videos are one of the most engaging and entertaining forms of video, also because they help in establishing an instant connection with the people out there.

However, as intriguing as including videos in your marketing campaign sounds, it is equally a tough challenge to do so. Videos sure do have a lasting impact on your marketing strategy, only if they are done right. As a brand, you must be able to hit the right sentiments of the people and create compelling stories to do so. But all of this doesn’t happen on its own. You must be able to create a professional video or Youtube with the right aesthetics. Because no matter how professional or amazing your video is until it is strong enough to catch the user’s attention, it has no use.

Online video creation can also give you a high return on investment and bring you customers that have a great lifetime value for your brand. The idea is simple. Customers are already there on Youtube, all you have to do is create a wonderfully crafted campaign and reach out to them. InVideo is one such video maker that can help you create beautiful campaigns without much ado. Using its features that don’t even require special skills you can build stunning campaigns and get a great number of views. However, make sure that you do the following:


Make Content Your Priority

Remember that nothing can replace a well-written content, which is why you must make it your priority. Make sure you write well and create a script that appeals to the user. But there’s a catch. You cannot write good content in the abstract. You have to understand your customers really well, study their personal and then try to figure out whether they will like something or not. Identify what your customers want to know and then cater to their needs by writing a great script. Also, make consistency a priority. This means that you don’t give up on creating videos, strategize on a day and time and make sure you post during that time.

Encourage Subscription

Using InVideo’s Youtube video creator and editor you can encourage customers to subscribe to your brand. The video editor lets you create stunning videos, where you can pick a template, add captions, narrate a story by adding visuals and a lot more without the prerequisites of design skills. This helps in keeping your customers engaged and loyal to your brand. Once the customer subscribes to your channel, they will look forward to more videos from your brand and keep on adding views to your kitty. But make sure you out it across clearly. Ask people to like your videos, subscribe to them and hit the bell icon at the start and end of the video.

Keep Creating Playlists

Why end on just one video. Use InVideo to create a series of videos on a particular topic or niche and create playlists on Youtube. Statistics suggest that the top-performing brands on Youtube build twice as many playlists as those brands who lie at the bottom 25%. If you’re wondering why playlists work so well, the answer lies in autoplay. Autoplay keeps a user hooked onto a particular video and once that happens it is really difficult to out your attention away from it. It triggers a cognitive bias called loss aversion and is one thing that brands cannot miss out on. The question of clicking on another video to view it changes to stopping another video from playing.

Optimize for Mobile

A majority of users watch Youtube videos on their mobile phones. This means that they are accustomed to seeing things in a certain way. Take the brightness as an example. Some people might keep their brightness low, so if your video is not optimized with bright colours and vivid text, you might lose out on your customers without even realizing it. Similarly, another interesting point to take note of is that people might have their default sounds turned off when viewing a video. To make sure that your voice reaches out to such people, add captions and visible texts using InVideo’s editor. You can try different fonts but make sure you use the one that is simple yet impressive. Too fancy fonts are difficult to read and understand.

Create videos online and make the most of them using a professional editor. Try InVideo today!

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