5 Applications to Create and Edit Videos that Engage

The power of video marketing today is something that can not be questioned. Any web developer, graphic design and marketing agency or advertising agency knows the importance of technology and its involvement in advertising campaigns, but may not know everything about editing videos and the best way to optimize them.

Sometimes, we think that the process of creating a video content that is effective and attractive happens to have a great team, but the truth is that today almost any of us (with a little curiosity and time) can edit videos of marketing pretty good and spread them quickly.

For this, there are several applications that will allow you to make video compositions with which to nurture a video marketing strategy, and today I would like to show you some of them:


We start with an online video app that is so simple and intuitive that, without realizing it, your video will be complete and finished. With FlexClip, the creation happens only by choosing the media, the music, and the title, and then it will merge everything to achieve an amazing result.

One of the most appreciated features of this video service is the stock library it offers. You can choose from millions of stock choices, including high-resolution photos, video clips, and music. To use FlexClip, you only need an Internet connection and a free registration on it. Its ease of use allows anyone to create and edit videos quickly, even without any previous video knowledge.


This is another option of online video editor and maker. Besides being very simple to use, it offers a multitude of video intros and effects to apply to videos.

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But not only that, Kizoa gives you the possibility to cut videos into as many clips as you want easily. You can also add music and adjust the volume for the perfect combination, something very interesting to give your video project a professional result. Then you can save and share the result on your YouTube channels, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Easy Video Maker

Maybe, and by name you will have noticed, it is an easy and complete application that I show today. Easy Video Maker is available to download for Windows. With it, you can easily make a unique and special video/movie with cool effects.

The functions offered by this App range from color settings, special effects transitions, to 4k output, and 60 Fps frame rate. In addition, it offers several editing options such as trim, cut, split, crop, resize, rotate, zoom in/out, fade in/out, speed up/down, etc.


Flixpress is an online video editor that stands out for its ease of use and flexibility, no experience or software required.

A video composition is done in 2 minutes or less. No matter you want to make YouTube intros, ads, slideshows, and promos, Flixpress will have you covered.


We are going with this last, but not least, application to edit videos. In this case, Shakr empowers everyone to make video creatives that so many people like.

Its functions to achieve this are to include different filters and templates. In addition, this application allows to include music and messages. At the touch of a button, you can take your marketing to the next level and create engaging personalized videos.

I hope that more than one freelancer, blogger, web developer or marketer will be curious to start creating their own videos and tell us how these applications are.

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