XDA Developers Forum Removes Posts Spreading Android Ransomware

Android was safer since the last two versions but, not anymore. ESET Mobile Security detects a new family of ransomware Android/Filecoder.C, through online forums using victims' contact list and sending SMS with malicious links.

Ransomware is the most dangerous form of malware that takes control of the data on the affected device and asks for ransom which will be in the form of money in most of the cases to decrypt it.

As per the reports, the ransomware targets a narrow audience with flaws in their encryption system. To make it easily understandable to you, it is more like a thief who is not expert in robbery and often gets himself hurt.

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This malware has been active since 12th of July 2019 and is found to be propagated through Reddit and XDA Developers forum. Upon ESET's reporting, the posts with malicious content were removed by the XDA Forum admins.

XDA forum is the world's largest Android forum for users and third-party developers. 

How this ransomware spreads?

The malware enters into one's android phone through the malicious links when they are opened. All the contacts in the affected phone will be sent an SMS with the same malicious link with click-baiting text.

How to stay away from this ransomware?

Don't click on the links that seem suspicious to you. Do not be fooled with click-baiting links that say, 'click to get iPhone XS for $1' and links alike.

Also, turn on spam filters in your SMS settings. The periodical monthly security patches provided by your manufacturer should arrange a fix to this malware. If not, contact the company addressing the issue and ask for a quick fix. No company ignores their customers after all.

What does it look like?

The ransomware looks like promoting some hardcore porn with click-baiting titles. The images and comments under them have links and QR codes posted to download the app.

NEVER give it a try!

Did you ever come across ransomware? Or any other malware on your android phone? Share your experience in comments below.

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