7 Best Camera Apps for Android in 2015

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People love to capture memories by taking photos. There are many different camera apps available but sometimes people are looking for unique ideas. For this reason, they search for best Android camera apps.

We're looking forward to testing out these Android Apps on the S6 camera which has a 16MP rear camera with optical image stabilization. So, it should be a real powerhouse.

We have selected the seven top Android camera apps to save your time.

1. Camera MX

Camera MX is no doubt one of the best Android camera apps available in Google Play. You can easily share pictures with your friends and family via Google+ and Instagram using this app. It comes free with in app purchases.

2. Camera ZOOM FX

This app is quite different from other Android camera apps. . Using this app you can select various effects to create your own filter. In case you do not like to add effects manually, you can simply use the pre-made ones. You can buy this app for $3.99 and it has no in-app purchases.

3. Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is a free app and is used by many people as a replacement of the built-in Camera app. It comes with numerous different features. It is recently updated and now it includes various settings which makes the camera experience much more enjoyable than before. You can get all the regular features of the camera as well as several additional features along with many different effects and filters.

4. Camera Fun Pro

If you are a fun loving person and you like to give your photos a funny look rather than a serious look, then this is definitely the app you need. Camera Fun Pro comes with a lot of different filters which give your photos a crazy and fun look. Another advantage of this app is that it lets you apply the effect before taking the picture. So it saves a lot of time as you can directly snap a photo according to your requirement. This app can be downloaded from Google Play for just $0.99.

5. Camera JB+

This is a very popular app used by a lot of people as it is based on AOSP Jelly Bean Camera. It offers three camera modes; panorama mode, video capture and regular shot.  It also includes an image editor which makes it easy to make little adjustments to the pictures. You can buy this app for $1.99.

6. Cymera

This app is especially famous for taking face shots.  You can easily add filters and effects to your photos using the Cymera app. This app can apply different filters to your smile and bring out a perfect smiling picture for you. It is a free app with in app purchases.

7. DSLR Camera Pro

This app resembles the software of a real DSLR camera. You can change ISO settings, exposure compensation, grid, and white balance by using this app. You can also add different filters and effects on your photos to give them a perfect look. DSLR Camera Pro is available for $2.99 in Google Play.

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