Ultimate List of 50 Successful Blog Post Ideas to Grow in Blogospehere

Life for a blogger can be difficult sometimes. Most days, ideas come to you naturally, while other days make it impossible for you to write. If you’re struggling with ideas for your blog, consider these topics on our comprehensive list to spark your imagination.
1. ListiclesList anything you want to talk about in an easy-to-read format, with short sections, like this one.
2. How-To Posts – Describe how to create, fix, or begin a project. Use step-by-step instructions with simple language so all of your readers can understand.
3. Case Studies – Outline and review the details about a situation, process, or project for that you would like to highlight.
4. Problem and Solution Posts – In an essay format, describe a relevant problem to your audience and articulate a solution.
5. SAQ Posts As a sister post to the FAQs, the “Should Ask Questions” post outlines what people should ask but often do not in a particular situation.
6. Checklists – Much like a listicle, checklists offer even shorter sections that are easy-to-read. Using bullet points, you’re able to engage a wider audience of people who want quick information.
7. Series Posts – Create more than one post to develop a series on one overarching theme.
8. Research Posts – Conduct your own research that makes content on your blog unique and engaging. If other bloggers want to use your information, they have to give you the credit.
9. Ultimate Guides – Just like it sounds, ultimate guide posts feature detailed, comprehensive information on a topic in your niche.
10. Statistics Posts – In your research, you might want to break down your information into basic statistics that everyone can digest easily. Use a listicle or checklist format for a simple post, or offer explanations on the particular statistics you’ve constructed.
11. Definition Posts – Your niche could be complicated for some people to understand, so write posts that clearly define different parts of the subject matter.
12. Posts from YouTube Videos – Cut up your own personal YouTube video, or one that has gone viral, into screenshots that give an engaging narrative to your audience. Your well-crafted content could gain instant popularity.
13. FAQ Posts – It’s a staple for a reason—a “Frequently Asked Questions” post delivers common information that all of your followers want to know.
14. Comical (Or Not-So-Comical) Rants – Show your human side by revealing your passion in a long-winded, opinionated post. It’s a great time to express your funny or angry side.
15. “Behind the Scenes” Posts – Offer your loyal following a “day-in-the-life” type of post, which uncovers both the mundane and exciting moments of your day as you create content.
16. Inspirational Stories – Whether the post is long or short, people love to hear about others overcoming obstacles.
17. Vacation Posts – Are you taking a holiday? Bring your followers with you by describing the highlights of your trip.
18. Vulnerable Posts – This can be raw and revealing, but the goal is to let your guard down and let readers know more about you.
19. Posts Completely Off Topic – If you’re constantly churning out posts that cover only one subject, randomly insert a post on a different topic entirely. It’s a refreshing twist that can expand your following.
20. “Who’s Who” Posts – Think about the people in your area worth following, and write about them!
21. Picks of the Week – As a popular type of series post, your “picks”—movies, music, food, etc.—create an anticipating vibe that make readers come back for more.
22. Posts About Quotes – Share your most favorite and relevant quotes from influential people.
23. Profile Highlights – Write about someone influential who you feel deserves the spotlight.
24. Interview Posts – Describe a conversation you had with a noteworthy person, whether you talked by phone, email, or face-to-face.
25. Crowdsourced Posts – Gather multiple influential people together and have them concisely answer a question.
26. “Best of…” Reviews – Discuss your top choice about a certain product, service, or hot topic. Check out this example.
27. Productive Tips – Inform your audience on ways that they can make their lives better.
28. Income Reports – No one can resist the details of somebody’s personal or company budget.
29. Company Updates – If you have a business blog, make sure to tell readers about any new key information.
30. Posts to Showcase Projects – Why not let others see all that you’ve accomplished? Show off your exemplary pieces for the world to see.
31. Survey Posts – After surveying people on a particular topic, outline the results.
32. Product Comparison Posts – Compare your products’ capabilities so that you can offer competitive solutions.
33. Product Updates – Promote your new product and notify your readers about how it better functions.
34. Debate Posts – Create a post where you engage your readers in a debatable topic. Offer a counterpoint yourself or from another blogger.
35. “What If” Posts – Write a speculative post on an intriguing or popular situation.
36. Predictions – If you combine the “What If” and debate post concepts, a prediction post could conjure up a lively response from readers.
37. Reaction Posts – Use your platform to react to hot-topic content already created by other bloggers.
38. Attack Posts – This one isn’t always recommended, as it evokes a lot of anger, but you could call someone out if you’re enraged.
39. News Posts – Be timely and well informed—your readers would enjoy a truthful take on real-world events.
40. Meme Posts – As a humorous piece, this post could involve popular visual content that goes viral across the web.
41. Parodies – Get your imitation game-face on with these posts. You could create a hit with posing as celebrities or other influential mass-media individuals.
42. Cartoon Posts – As a developed series, your humor can come alive through these visual posts.
43. Satire Posts – Another option with comedy involves using irony or extreme exaggeration for your content.
44. Trends Posts – Are you a trend-setter blogger? Keep your readers in-the-know with posts about the latest trends.
45. Challenges – Playful and daring, you could easily give your audience a challenge that could promote them to foster better habits or broaden their perspective.
46. Contests – They are a fun option when you want to reward your readers for their loyal following.
47. Freebies – Everybody likes free! Gain followers and embrace the joy of giving here.
48. Local Reviews – Become a self-proclaimed critic of local restaurants or popular movies in your nearby theater.
49. Entertaining Stories – Instead of inspiring, this type of story is for entertainment purposes only. Ensure readers are engaged by using plenty of relatable description!
50. Goodbye Posts – Whenever you need to take a break from posting, or you decide to quit your blog altogether, you must inform your readers about it. This way, you don’t just leave them hanging.

With all these different types of blog posts, there has to be one you can now choose from and write about. Perhaps all you need is a touch of humor for your personal blog, or more instruction for your technical website. Whatever the case, you will surely be able to write about something now that you have this ultimate list of blog post ideas.

Author Bio: Justin is a teacher from Leicester, England, UK. When not teaching his little students and rooting for Leicester FC, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as an editor at the writing service Bestdissertation. Follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.

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