5 Tips to Pump Your Instagram and Make Your Store Sell More

Having social networks nowadays is practically obligatory for those who want to succeed in their business and especially for you that owns an online store. But you fool yourself who thinks of having only social networks and posting something from time to time, or doing some advertising of your business. For you to succeed in social networks and consequently sales in your e-commerce, it is necessary to have many fans or followers, but how to get so many fans? How do you make people fall in love with what you have to offer?

It is very common to see some stores on social networks, especially on Instagram which is the fastest growing social network, with fans desperate to buy products that are published daily. This post will help you by presenting 5 essential tips on how you can attract more fans and make them fall in love with what you have to offer on your Instagram and online store.

But first, think of something that is very important, that is, we usually follow someone or some authority when we are trying to extract something from it, right? for example: knowledge. What are you providing to your followers? What do you do to attract more and more fans? Think of this benefit and keep that idea clear in your mind.

5 Tips to Pump Your Instagram and Make Your Store Sell More

TIP 1: Update frequency

Many online stores post several photos during the day thinking this is what will make sales happen. WATCH OUT! Before posting all the time, do some testing, try to figure out the best time for posts, slow down the flow to a couple of posts a day, and see what happens.

With the greater flow of publications, it becomes difficult for your followers to follow you, and you end up losing these people's engagement. Not to mention that it is very uncomfortable opening your Instagram or Facebook and seeing millions of advertisements one below the other.

Our tip is to post something you want to sell, and for another time, build something of interest to your followers, some content for example.

TIP 2: Quality Photos

Instagram is a totally visual social network, so it will be necessary to work hard on the quality of the photos or videos posted. As an e-commerce owner, you will have to "enchant" your customers! And how to achieve this? You can start by presenting great quality photos of what you want to offer.

Escape the obvious, avoid taking pictures of your product with the white background. Try to give a good stylized in the pictures, for example: if you sell clothes, try taking your model for outdoor photography, parks, or even in the urban environment! The photos will be different but do not forget to call attention to what you want to appear.

TIP 3: Do not be a boring salesperson

People love to buy, but they hate to sell them anything! That's a fact, my friend! Faced with this, it is clear that if you are a boring salesman, you will eventually remove people from your profile. People like authorities on some subject, they like to follow people who show themselves to be influential or opinion-makers, not boring sellers on their feet.

As explained in Tip 2, it's interesting that you do not just post sales content photos, that's the Instagram standard, all virtual stores do just that. But you can stand out in the middle of this whole pamphlet. Publish useful content, think about your audience and the people you want to attract. Publish your own content or make partners who are able to publish informative content that will differentiate you even more from your competitors. They will also catch the attention of new people to follow your profile.


TIP 4: Customize your profile

Customize your profile on Instagram, just like you do in your online store. Invest in a good quality photo in your profile where people will look at it and associate it with your brand. People are motivated by looks, so they will give more credibility to a profile that is quite complete. Fill in the biography with all the information you have that are very relevant, such as: whatssap number, telephone, email, if it is sent to all Brazil, payment conditions and address if possible.

The more personalized your profile, the more tranquility people will have in following your brand and buying from your store.

TIP 5: Hashtags

The correct use of hashtags is very important for you to reach your target audience. Ideally, you should look for the audience of your interest and observe which hashtags they are using, from there, you select the most cited ones and insert in the description of the photos of the products you will post. 

Author Bio: Sarah Feldman is a Marketing Manager and is currently working with Digital Express, a Social Media Agency in Dubai. She loves to learn and share about latest digital marketing updates and trends.

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