Mi Mix 2 Review: What’s Worthy & What’s Scary To Have It

The next of first of its kind, Mi Mix 2 is out in the market now. Xiaomi releases the next generation of their best innovation on September 11, a day ahead of Apple event--Not to mention that it’s to convert the iPhone pals to Xiaomi bunnies. Apart from precautionary competitive strategies, the device Mi Mix 2 itself is wooing the smartphone fans with the slimmed out size and full ceramic body. Let’s take a look at the factors that are really worth having a Mix 2 phone in hand and what’s not going to work out.

What’s worthy to have it?

Bezel-less legacy continues

Xiaomi holds the history of introducing the first bezel-less phone last year in the mobile phone market and that legacy is continued in Mi Mix 2 with much narrower chin and reduced screen size from 6.4’ to 6’. The display comes with rounded corners and the phone looks wonderful in hand with the screen lit on.


Having a phone that looks like the whole screen itself in hand holds a special attraction in public and in parties. If you are looking for some powerful smartphone that shines on its back and waves a magic wand on the front, Mi Mix 2 should be in your list—of course comes within the fair budget.

New speaker technology issues fixed

The old Mi Mix had no speaker to take calls. Xiaomi introduced a new technology that conducts the sound through vibrating module inside and it can pass the sound to any point on the screen. That means you could answer a call holding the phone to your comfort size with an ear anywhere on the screen. But, this technology did not quite convince the masses with low quality voice on calls.


The new Mi Mix 2 has got this issue fixed with the real speaker on the top that adds no thickness on the thin bezel.

Screen: Mi Mix vs Mi Mix 2

The large 6.4 inches screen of Mi Mix has been shrunk into 6 inch wonder. the Mix 2 looks smaller and handy to hold in one hand.


The overall size of the phone is optimally reduced which might be due to a ‘scary’ reason that we are going to discuss in this article further.

MIUI 9 with Android Nougat

This may not fancy you but the Xiaomi smartphones that are releasing at this moment are installed with the MIUI 9 version on Nougat base. The new software handles hardware in optimal way and there is no need to talk about it further as you might have seen numerous reviews so far.

What’s scary to to have it?

The bezel-less design

I believe we still live on a planet where gravity has no mercy upon your hard-earned money. The bezel-less design might fancy people around but you can’t be sure you would hold it tight always, literally. The slippery ceramic body might find a way to escape out of your hands often. If you are through with the Mi Mix reviews last year, most of the reviewers have shown their broken screen phones in their reviews. They said that they dropped it by mistake while shooting the review—one drop gives a dead break.


Xiaomi itself seems like have expected the problem and so packed a back cover inside the package. I don’t understand one thing here if they are giving a matt-finish back cover that won’t shine, what’s the point of having fancy ceramic mirror-like back on the body?

Spare parts

Not that you won’t get spare parts for this device but at what cost is the right question. How much are you going to spend on the spare parts? If a broken screen takes more than 33% of the total cost of the product, would you still go for it because you have to?

Of course, who would like to leave a phone brought at the price of some 30k bucks with a broken screen. So, the moral of the story is, but if you can also spend on the spares. The whole Mi Mix technology would be different—that’s why.

Where you live matters too

If you live in a nice metro city where you can go access the official services of Xiaomi, you can consider buying Mi Mix 2 at your choice. Or if you live in a small town like I do, buying Mi Mix 2 would be a rope adventure between the two canyons. Once you drop it or get it to repair condition, you got to be travelling places just for the sake of it. Seriously?

I’m not generalizing all Xioami phones. I got my Redmi Note repaired for a faulty charging port within a few yards vicinity of my home. I hope you got what I mean.


There are reasons to buy and not to buy every device. But, if you can’t fulfill the purpose you are buying it for, it doesn't matter what brand of configuration you have it with. Mi Mix 2 looks more handy and wonderful in hand, even comparatively to the previous Mi Mix. There is no issues with the configuration but the volatile design. As we have no such technologies that won’t let screen break (No! Not Gorilla Glass), it’s better to take a minute to think before buying, either it be Mi Mix 2, Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8. Apart from that, they make very cool devices in hand.

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