Storage Space Running Out? MoveIt Has a Solution for You

I thought the 32GB on my phone is more than sufficient for the apps that I use on my android. A notification after using my phone for an year, “Storage space running out” proved me wrong. What could be embarrassing for a techie than this? Then I went on hunting for phone to SD card mover apps. Among the 4 best rated apps that I tried, MoveIt seemed promising and actually worked as I expected it to be.

Let’s look into the features of MoveIt and see how it helped me get rid of the storage space problem.

*Air quoting it with ‘V’ fingers*

Downloading MoveIt

I installed MoveIt from Google Play Store and it took me a few seconds. Rated at the average of 4.4/5 by just 5 thousand installers made me suspect it’s functionality initially. i thought I would try anther app if it won’t work.


Installing & Setting up MoveIt

The installation has started right after downloading and I had nothing to do with the installation process, of course with any other app that is downloaded from Play Store. We I have chosen the interface language after opening the app for the first time.


Granting permissions

The next step will ask for permissions to access your files on the device. If you are still running on Android Lollipop, this prompt screen for permission may not be seen.

Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-49-31-546_c[1]     Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-49-35-575_m

Getting started

After given necessary access permissions to the app, you will be shown the intro screens for about the MoveIt app features. They are as shown in the following screenshots.

Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-50-15-643_m  Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-50-20-814_m[1]  Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-50-25-726_m[1]  Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-50-30-518_m

Home user interface

The home under interface of the app after setting up is clean and clear with the fill-o-meters of the storage in internal and external memories followed by the internal to external, external to internal transfer and junk files cleaner options.


I chose internal to external transfer option to free up my internal storage.

Slide-in menu & settings

The app contains a slide-in menu on the left which has settings, link to premium version, share, rate and feedback options. I see this menu slider as unnecessary commodity to the app with not so useful options. A settings button instead of hamburger menu icon would have been more picky. Anyways, I left the settings to default and have not changed anything.

Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-50-45-544_m[2]   Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-50-53-103_m[2]

Moving files from internal storage to SD Card

I came back to home screen from settings, and tapped on internal storage to external moving option. It asked me to select the files that I wanted to move.

Note: With MoveIt, you can only move images, videos and audios to and fro internal and external storages. The documents and other files cannot be moved with this app.

my necessity is to move the images and video files to external storage. So, I did not find it non-useful to my purpose. After all, moving images and video would free up space more quickly than moving documents and any other files.


That’s it. Simple! I’ve got my photos and videos moved on to external storage. MoveIt has helped me make some space on internal storage in a snap. If you are looking out for a solution for “Storage Space Running Out” error, this could help you like it helped me. You can download this app from Play Store from this link.

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