7 Useful Tools to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy | Increase YouTube Subscribers & Views

YouTube is a popular resource with over 1 billion active users every month. That’s nearly one out of every two people on the Internet! They use for various purposes, including learning and entertainment. For businesses, the site is a sure goldmine.

Many people think that not a lot of effort should be dedicated in order to start making some profit on YouTube: a person shoots a video, uploads it, and waits for the money to start pouring in. The reality, however, says that’s ridiculous. In order for some money to be made, the video must be incredibly popular, have subscribers and views. Marketing!

Luckily, there are some tools to make YouTube marketing easier. Check them out in the list below.

1. Views Reviews

Buying views for a video is not something that many producers think about first when it comes to marketing. However, it is a legitimate technique that proved effective for many. By purchasing views for a video, it’s getting an instant kick start and becomes more popular.


This tool right here is a good way to get into views business because it gets real views, not fake ones (hence the motto on the site: “not all views are equal”). Given that a higher number of views helps to rank higher in YouTube search results, you should definitely consider using Views Reviews.

2. Keyword Suggest Tool

An amazing free tool that allows users to search YouTube Auto-Complete databases to increase the visits using terms people are typing while searching for videos. By comparing the data between YouTube and Google, you can define the most popular search terms used by your target groups and produce keywords that will bring more traffic.

keyword tool

The tool generates search volume, CPC, AdWords Competition, and other data for the keywords you entered (may require the pro version). Also, specific languages and Google regional sites (like google.co.uk on the screenshot) can be used for better results. All data are export-ready (CSV and Excel).

3. YouTube Reputation Tool

Want to know the popularity of your video and how your reputation grows on YouTube? Here is the tool that will help you with that. It was developed by SEO Chat, a group that has a history of excellent app development, so it’s definitely worth a try.

youtube reputation tool

Just enter search terms such as domain name, social media profile handle, the title of the video, or keywords associated with it and click on “Check.” The results will be quite handy for you in terms of marketing and SEO.

4. Canva

Marketing on YouTube certainly requires a graphic design component in addition to the videos. For example, Lydia H. Crow, a Marketing specialist at Assignment Helper, advice to increase engagement of the viewers by creating an eye-catching thumbnail for the video. Did you know that around 90% of high-performing YouTube videos have custom thumbnails?

In this case, the thumbnail works just like a book cover. And we know that many people judge book by their book covers (even if they are not supposed to).


For creating attention-grabbing thumbnails, Canva is a perfect tool to use. It is preferred by many web designers because it allows storing data for free and provides access to a lot of graphic elements, also for free. Moreover, it is ridiculously easy to operate, so the beginners won’t have any problems.

When making thumbnails in Canva, keep the following requirements in mind:
  • File size: no more than 2MB
  • Save in PNG or JPG
  • Use 1280 x 720 as a standard resolution for the best view

5. Cyfe

The next tool on our list is designed for tracking and analyzing YouTube statistics. It is one of the best ways to monitor the success of separate videos or an entire channel. After installing the tool, just add a YouTube widget to the dashboard. It is done by clicking on “Widgets,” then selecting “Social Media” group in the menu and finally clicking on “YouTube.”


The widget’s settings are needed to be configured accordingly if you need to track the performance of individual videos or a channel. There, you’ll see that the tool has an impressive functionality in terms of stats and metrics (engagement, retention and views data, traffic sources, and lots more).

All these functions make Cyfe more helpful than standard YouTube analytics tools. Moreover, having a dashboard that provides you with information about your business effort in one place can be really helpful in terms of identifying recommendations for a better overall tactic.

6. Birdsong Analytics YouTube Analysis

According to Wired, there are 72 hours of video uploaded every minute. That’s a lot of competition... What are they uploading and what keywords are using? Clearly, without a proper analysis of competitors, you might be left behind in this crazy game.

Birdsong Analytics YouTube Analysis

This tool can be a real saver in this case. You’d have to pay for every time you use it (which isn’t so bad) but the information you’d be getting is certainly worth it. For example, you provide the name of the YouTube channel of your competitor, the tool generates the following data:

  • Time of the day they get the most comments
  • Competitor’s best time for uploads and likes
  • Words used in captions
  • Video duration and its effect on views
  • Lots more!

After generating this comprehensive report about your competitor, you can use it to correct your strategy. Just expert the data to Excel for further processing. Be sure to analyze at least several competitors before you make the decision to change your existing marketing strategy.

7. vidIQ


The last tool on this list works on brand awareness. At a certain point, your YouTube business will grow to become a brand, and that’s when you’ll need vidIQ. According to the AOL case study, it provides a number of solutions to increase the engagement on your channel. Here are some of them:
  • Addition of optimal tags to all videos on the channel based on metadata analysis and current search trends of YouTube
  • Only data-based analysis and solutions
  • Identification of the most engaging videos
  • Seamless synchronization of all videos from various platforms to their respective Facebook Fan pages
  • Influencer discovery
  • Comment moderation
  • Analytics dashboard

The results can be amazing. Not only you can increase the views of your videos but also generate some conversation about your channel. After all, the effectiveness of viviQ is proven by YouTube certification.


YouTube is a highly competitive site with hours of new videos uploaded every minute. Clearly, one cannot make any money by just uploading a bunch of videos because an effective marketing strategy I required to succeed.

The tools described in this article are essential to making your way towards the top. They will coordinate your strategy and fuel your team with ideas by providing helpful data and information. Let them be useful for you in your YouTube business effort!

Author Bio: Lucy Benton is a business consultant, marketing specialist who likes to express her thoughts as a blogger, currently she writes for Assignment Helper. You can reach her out on Facebook for any help.

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