Blogger(BlogSpot) Homepage Gets a Makeover Too, Not Internals

Google is changing the way its products look one by one. Yesterday it was AdSense and I read somewhere that Google Analytics also getting this user interface upgrade. Today I noticed home page also getting the latest UI makeover, not internally but only on the sign in page.


The new homepage is very much appealing to the new bloggers to choose as a blogging platform. It looks more like a landing page specifically to make conversions.

The reason could be the increasing popularity of the WordPress platform which has now become an affordable choice for the beginners as well. I hope you know about the cheap domains and hosting plans. If you are not yet aware of how to choose a best hosting service, read this article.

Sadly no changes are made to the internal dashboard and options. On scrolling down the upper fold of the page, little snippet of information about choosing the template is shown. Though, it is not a full revamp, it could be hinting that Blogger also will be bringing changes to its new default templates which are naturally ugly.


If Google revamps it’s new default templates, I’d be one of the first one to ty them out. I even expect some changes to the blogger dashboard interface as well. The stats could be made even better and more informative dynamically. As Google Analytics is already there as a reporting tool from Google, no uniqueness might be seen but the sub-application of Analytics can be implemented.

Do you expect some UI changes in the Blogger dashboard just as I do? What they could be? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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