Hands on Pokémon Go: Download, Initial Setup & Play

The most awaited augmented reality game Pokémon Go is available now on Android and iOS. Playing this game is as funny as watching the show on TV. Niantic Inc. has brought some real enjoyable game on to the smartphones that take players into another dimension of fantasy.

Pokémon Go need GPS and camera to play. The augmented objects and Pokémons will be moving in the real work around you. You can see that with camera opened in the game.

Unfortunately, the game is not available in all the countries as it need the maps to collaborate with the play. Or else you will still see the augmented objects but not related to the real world objects. For e.g., you will see Pikachu walking and jumping but not on the ground. It will not consider the objects around. This spoils the true experience of augmented reality.

As it is not available in major countries, it is not also available in India. Yet, you could download it and play on your android (only android, no iOS) if you live in India or any other country where Pokémon Go is not officially available.

Pokémon Go is available on Android and iOS for some countries where this game works great. You may download it from Play Store or App Store as shown in this article.

Hands on Pokémon Go

Note: I have tried this game on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 from a small town in India. It worked well and I wish my town had more Pokémon Go players.

After downloading and installing the game on your device, open it like every other app.


As the game is a augmented reality game where we need to be walking down the streets and town, it might take away our concentration on traffic and what’s happening around. The first screen that would see is a warning asking us to be aware of the surrounds while playing.

The next screen will have professor Willow introducing what Pokémon world is. Tapping on the screen a couple of times will lead us to next screen.


You got to choose the gender of your character in the next screen. Choosing one to continue will take us to character customization screen.

Pokemon-go-choose-charachter    Pokemon-go-character-customization

In customization, we can customize the color of the hair eyes, cap, clothes, shoes and backpack. Mostly colors will be changed with a minor changes in the design of the elements.


Click ‘Yes’ when you are done with the customization of the character. In next screen professor will give some Poke balls to catch the Pokémons.


The game starts now and the camera will be opened.


Note: I was shown a Bulbasaur and I found it in my garden. In an excitement to catch it I’ve forgotten to take the screenshot.

You can see the Poke ball lying on the ground in the following screenshot. Later I’ve shown the Bulbasaur stats on a pop up screen.

Pokemon-go-caught-pokemon  Pokemon-go-caught-pokemon-status  Pokemon-go-caught-pokemon-stats

You can walk down the streets in the city and explore the augmented Pokémon world.


You come back from the maps screen and check your profile, Pokémons caught, level you are in and so on.

Check out more screenshots in a separate album on our Facebook page.

I am going to explore the Pokémon world. Who is joining me? Learn what you need to play this game on your device?

Check this article for downloading .APK file of Pokémon Go game on to your android device even it is not officially released in your country.

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