How to Download and Play Pokémon Go in India

The real like Pokémon Game is available now with the help of advancement of technology and human intelligence. the fantasy of catching Pokémons and winning badges has become real. Niantic Inc. is the company which is working on the game prospects is planning to make this game available globally.

Unfortunately, this game is now available only in some regions that excludes India. Being one of the largest bases of anime fans, India has millions of Pokémon Go aspirants waiting for the app be available in the region.

Those who live in USA can now download the app from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. The app was made available in the New Zealand and Australia first followed by the USA. The developers are looking forward to bring this app available in UK and Japan too very soon. All they ask the fans is to wait a little while.

Although, the game can be downloaded on to Android in the form of .apk file and can be installed manually. This facility is only available with the Android devices. If you are living in India and wanted to try your hands on the device before the official release in the region, you may download it from this link and try at your own risk.


Note: The application may or may not support you device or may not work based on the several other reasons. So, I recommend you to try this at your own risk.

To download and play the game on to your device, it need to satisfy the following prerequisites and compatibility conditions:
  1. For an iPhone, iPad and iPod, you need to have iOS 8.0 or later version of operating system on the device.
  2. For Android, you need to have Android 4.4 KitKat on the device accompanies by 2GB of RAM.
  3. Devices without GPS and only Wi-Fi connectivity may/may not be compatible.
  4. Not compatible with the Android phones that use Intel Atom processors (E.g., Asus Zenfone 2)
  5. May or may not work on the Android tablets as the game uses the portrait view.
  6. Though having all prerequisites, sometimes this augmented reality game may not run on certain devices because of several devices.
  7. Should play while being connected to the network for accurate location information and better gaming experience.
  8. Compatibility information may change and is advised to check the more updated information in any future at

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