GWAT Session 2: Fan Fight Over Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Hello friends, welcome to the 2nd GWAT session, the second episode of blogger combo review series. We have Gadget-Woman Debshikha Banerjee with us (hope she won’t play sarcastic jokes on me this time). We are going to talk about Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 this time.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a total next version of the Xiaomi phones with a new line of specifications to deliver outstanding performance under in budget phone category. Deb is a fangirl of Xiaomi smartphones and I expect more from Deb in this session.

I wonder if you have read her article on MIUI7 features.

Me: Hi deb! Good to see ya! I see that you have reviewed Redmi Note 3 on Gadget Woman. I don’t think we had any major differences mentioned if you check my review. Guess why?

Deb: Hello Sasi! It is great to be here again. And even greater to know that you stalk GW *wickedly smiling*. Speaking about similar views on the phone, I'd like to say "Great minds think ALIKE".

Me (inside): There she started again!

Me: Deb, your favorite Xiaomi handset is out in the market. I see a lot of metal on the phone. What do you think?

Deb: Yes. Extremely metallic. But look at the weight, only 165 gram. WOW!

Metallic body gives a really classy and elite look. On the other hand, if you happen to drop the device, the metal might come off in bits which will look really nasty. (I'll PM you my OnePlus 2 Broken Edition pic). And, speaking of dropping, no GORILLA GLASS (Why you do this Xiaomi!!)

Me: It is a way thinner and lighter though having such a huge battery, wow! What flair would you add up to this beautiful ergonomic design?

Deb: Not a biggie Sasi. I'm used to expecting the unexpected from Xiaomi, are you not? I'll stay 'comfortably numb' in this regard ;)

Me: Sunlight display is great on Mi4i and they are saying that it has been improved. This auto-brightness feature of Xiaomi’s amazes me. Do you think it would suck up more battery on Redmi Note 3?

Deb: You HAD to find a loophole, haan?

I have personally never used auto-brightness feature ‘cause they do suck up a lot of battery. What I do is slightly increase the brightness level just before stepping out. But if Xiaomi says that the Sunlight display has been 'improved' you can be pretty sure they have taken care to keep your battery from draining.

Me: Night display? Seriously? Is that what I heard in the new iOS update for iPhones? Xiaomi has always been a copier of Apple’s iPhone business. Stop giving me that look and agree with me.

Deb: NO! NO! NO! The term is ‘inspired’. Get it?

Xiaomi is bringing to us what Apple would bring to us at a costlier price. What can you Apple lover simple make peace with this and move on. *duh*

Me (inside): Whatever! Xiaomi is a copier...Xiaomi is a copier!

Me: Performance is great with Snapdragon 650. No heating up but still Android 5.1.1 based MIUI? It disappoints me a bit.

Deb: Xiaomi is giving you NO-HEAT and still you are shamelessly asking for latest Android. You can't have your own sweet will all the time. But if you still insist on being updated with technology, make sure you let me know so that I can pave the way with my affiliate links. Next question please.

Me (inside): Eh!

Me: The storage concept is purely unfair. If you want a second SIM, micro SD card won’t fit. Hybrid SIM slots are not that impressive. Xiaomi hitting back with no memory card concept is a great drawback. Don’t you think?

Deb: If you look at it from an average Indian customer's point of view, then yes this thing will definitely hamper the sales of the 16 GB variant. But for those who want to experience the Redmi Note 3 would go for the cheaper variant. On the other hand, the 32 GB variant isn't out-of-the-league. It is just ₹2,000 more, so the loss on sale for the 16 GB variant can be made up by the other variant.


Me: So, the two RAM versions are the trend now. Redmi Note 3 come in two versions, 2GB/16GB and 3GB/32GB with a price variance of ₹2,000. Is it fair? If I buy a 16GB version with 2GB RAM at ₹9,999 and buy a 16GB memory card for ₹500 (at an average), wouldn’t that save me ₹1,500? Does 1GB RAM alone costs that much? C’mon say something seriously.

Deb: Stop crying! What would you say about S7 and S7 edge then :D Or the variants of iPhones.

Me (inside): Somebody drag her out please. She’s comparing the beasts like S7 and iPhone with budget phone.

Me: The camera specification calms me down when I heard about Redmi Note 3. 16MP PDAF camera can do better but I’ve heard that it is underperforming in low lights. Is it?

Deb: I checked a couple of videos on the camera review, looks pretty decent to me. *facepalm*

Me (inside): Hehehe!

Me: What’s the actual screen protection that Xiaomi used on Redmi Note 3? I haven’t got a clue when I was writing a review.

Deb: It has no screen protection. But I read a comment in a famous blog where a guy says the phone was scratch tested and it passed successfully. Even I'm kind of confused in this regard.

Me (inside): Even my little niece would not like a phone without screen protection.

Me: The fingerprint scanner is very responsive. It is you right who told me first that it even takes the lip pattern as input. Later I watched a video Hugo Barra kissing the fingerprint sensor during demonstration. So what do we call it? Fingerprint sensor or lip-print sensor?

Deb: Yes <3 You name it, while I drool over it. Xiaomi have expanded the usage of a fingerprint scanner to a huge extent. Maybe (your) Apple can learn from it. (Ha Ha Ha... Funny Right?!?!)


Me (inside): I wish Apple come up with tongue pattern next time. Then I will show her what Apple means to people.

Me: Waita second! You think something is missing in Redmi Note 3 right? What was that? Why do you think so? Is it worth missing?

Deb: NFC, Gorilla Glass, rough back and OIS. There are alternatives to these. So you can chill. And dude, stop stalking :D

Me (inside): Holy potato. She knew it!

Me: How about giving a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 to Donald Trump? What face would he make?

(Deb looking at me with her Chinese eyes)

Or else you could give it to me. That would be an official bribe to not pull your legs publicly :P

Me: Chinese face! That’s exactly what I was thinking. LOL!!

(Deb still watching at me with her Chinese eyes)

Me (inside): She will kill me if I drag this anymore. I better skip to another question.

Me: Okay! (hehehe) Let’s conclude this session. What’s your verdict? Should I buy it or go for another budget handset?

Deb: Go ahead, buy it if you like. And if you don't like it then also buy it and give it to me.

It was great to be over at Amfas Tech again. Be hospitable and make arrangement for snacks next time ;) Love GW (Deb)

Me (inside): Who gives snacks to such sarcastic answers. I’ll eat her snacks while answering the questions next time also.

It seems like Deb invaded on me another time. That’s what we think about Xiaomi’s new feat, Redmi Note 3. See you in next GWAT session with another gadget. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for bearing us! (Please share it and leave your comments under this post or else she would play another sarcastic joke on me about this session).

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