Apple iPhone SE Overview: Specifications, Price & Availability

The long waited and most buzzed gadget of the year, iPhone SE was unveiled by Apple most recently for stunning price. The 4-inch model look like iPhone 5S and has no iPhone 6’s design aesthetics applied unless the rose gold model. Apple also unveiled 9.7 inch iPad Pro and reduced the price of Apple Watch. We’ll see more about these two unveils separately later. Let’s get back to the 4-inch newbie.

iPhone SE is inspired by the amazing response that iPhone 5S has got than any iPhone so far. The large screen phones are still not fitting into the lifestyle of the many users and it is pretty hard to use one with one single hand. The necessity is observed by Apple and brought the new iPhone SE rather to the iPhone 6C.


Is it the end of ‘C’ series phones from Apple?

The ‘C’ series phones were the first budget venture of the Apple which failed to attract the large audience but the Apple fan boys and fan girls. The iPhone 5C probably was the first and last iPhone of Apple’s ‘C’ series smartphone history. The new release of iPhone SE says it so.

iPhone SE Specifications

The new budget iPhone is a 4-inch smartphone probably is the most powerful budget phone ever released. It has the same design of iPhone 5S and is available in 4 colors, space gray, silver, gold and rose gold.

SE comes with the same chipset that iPhone 6S had. The A9 is equipped inside this little awesomeness thereby improving the performance literally twice than the iPhone 5S comparatively. The GPU is also improved to deliver 3X faster performance than 5S. Performance wise, iPhone SE is definitely a big deal.

This little beast has 12MP iSight camera that iPhone 6S had which can record 4K videos like magic. The specifications are almost as same as iPhone 6S except a few iconic features like 3D touch. The features like Live Photos, Retina Flash, iCloud Photo Library are included in this budget edition. The most interesting addition is the ‘Hey Siri’ feature to access the voice assistant of Apple family.

The Price and Availability

The Apple announced the iPhone SE in two memory variants, 16GB and 64GB pricing $399 and $499 respectively. The orders will be taken from 24th of March of this year and it is going to be available in stores by March 31st.

The pricing of $399 is not a big deal compared to the price of iPhone 5S three months ago. iPhone SE performs much better than the iPhone 5S and the specifications prove so. If you are planning to buy a budget friendly small iPhone, this is the time. Go for it.

How to buy/order iPhone SE?

Go to Apple Shop, select the color, memory variant, the network carrier, choose the subscription and pay it to own it.

What do you say? Is iPhone SE a big deal for iPhone lovers who can’t afford those expensive models? Share you thoughts about it in comments below.

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