Top 8 Email Marketing Tools of 2016

Email marketing is never dead as per the hoax that is being propagated by don’t-ers. It has taken a new shape and reaching out the customers with newest possibilities. The reason for the shape shifting of email marketing is contributed by the introduction of email marketing intelligence tools with lot more features that to expect.
Becoming a business companion for digital marketers, email marketing tools have restored the faith in this conventional digital marketing process. An email marketing tool is more of a customer relationship maintainer than just a email sending tool. There are many email marketing tools on the internet but, I chose the following 8 in my top order.

#1 GetResponse

With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry and more than 350,000 customers from 182 countries, GetResponse makes the email marketing easy with their easiest email marketing tool that works effectively. This company offers solutions to small and large scale companies driving high ROIs.
GetResponse email marketing tool helps you create, customize and manage the emails and campaigns targeting the right list of subscribers. This tool has the following features,
  • Responsive email design
  • Lead capturing and subscriber forms
  • Landing pages with pre-designed mobile ready templates
  • Webinar solution to capture new leads and nurture existing leads
  • A/B Testing to test, analyze and optimize the campaigns
  • Auto responders 2.0 to handle the automated emails and replies
  • Email creator with simple drag and drop tools
  • Email intelligence to analyze the stats
  • List booster to manage the email lists effectively
  • Inbox preview which previews the email on client’s side
And much more
I personally prefer GetResponse as it makes email marketing easy with less efforts for the marketer to promote, connect and communicate with the customers, readers and visitors of the website. If you are here to pick an email marketing tool, I would recommend you to go with GetResponse.
Read my previous articles about GetResponse and you will get to know why I choose it over other email marketing tools.

#2 Vertical Response

Having 14 years on experience in the industry and 1,000,000 customers served so far Vertical Response stands no.2 in my top 8 email marketing tools list. It offers affordable email and social media marketing tools for the digital marketers with the following features,
  • Free responsive email templates that are pre-designed to meet your marketing needs.
  • Drag and drop email creator
  • Quick forms creator to capture leads
  • Auto responders to take care of the emails and replies
  • Social media manager tool
  • Funneled stats
Try out this tool and you would understand why I picked GetResponse from the list.

#3 MailChimp

MailChimp is also 15 year old email marketing tool with easy tools and UI. More than 10 million users and 600 million emails sent every day, MailChimp stands out always as beginner choice because of the following features,
  • Simple email designer
  • Easy automation solution
  • Advanced analytics
  • Suit of mobile apps for mobile accessing
  • Email list manager
MailChimp was my first email marketing tool which I found it missing the tools like responsive landing page creators, social media managers, etc. If you are a beginner and wanted to tryout an email marketing tool for the first time, go tryout MailChimp.

#4 Campaigner

Campaigner is the easy email automation tool that helps a digital marketer automate the common replies and emails that are to be sent to the customers in time. Campaigner provides the best customer service and has won the ‘gold’ award winner of 2015. The features it offers are as follows,
  • Segmentation while sending emails
  • A/B Split testing
  • Email reporting
  • Auto responders
  • Email workflows
  • SMTP relay
  • Email templates
  • Contact lists
  • Purchase behavior

#5 Mailigen

Established to provide dedicated email marketing solutions to improve the ROI of the investors, Mailigen provides flexible and functional email marketing solutions specialized only in email campaigning. The features Mailigen offers are as follows,
  • Responsive email editor
  • Real-time email reports and trackers
  • Dynamic content creators
  • RSS to email
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Subject line advisor
  • Auto responders
  • A/B split testing

#6 Pinpointe

Founded by the executives of Silicon Valley with broad experience in B2B email marketing services technologies, Pinpointe focuses on the robust features, allowing companies to create, automate, target and track their email leads. The following are the features Pinpointe provides,
  • Email and newsletter designers
  • Tracking and reporting tools
  • Response rate maximizers
  • Easy website integrators
  • Subscription managers
  • Email deliverability overview tools
  • Email marketing tools integration

#7 Aweber

Being opted by the most of the small businesses, Aweber spreads their services to 120,000+ customers in its 17 years of establishment. As you can see, companies like GetResponse and Vertical Response have more customers when compared with their ages. Take a look at the following features that Aweber offers with its email marketing tool,
  • Email campaigns
  • Auto responders
  • Signup forms,
  • Email newsletters
  • RSS to email
  • Drag and drop editors
  • Free email templates
  • Email stats and tracking
  • Subscribers management
And some more.

#8 Benchmark

With 73,000 clients so far, Benchmark claims to be providing the most powerful and simple email marketing services. Focusing on the only email marketing, Benchmark offers the following features,
  • Drag and drop responsive email designer
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Readymade free email template
  • HTML code editor for savvies

Logic behind my top order

All the top companies have built wonderful email marketing tools with great features. But, when compared to each other, they differ. Some good companies have built tools with limited features, some those are available with good features aren’t affordable and some which are affordable with good features have bad UI for an average user.
Among the top order, I found GetResponse the only best email marketing service with the wonderful features (and some are being added from time to time) and available at affordable prices. If there is a tool that follows the principles of simplicity, efficiency and reliability, you should go for it. GetResponse is one in such category and stood on top of my list. Second comes Vertical Response followed by my first and beginner-favorite MailChimp, dedicated to serve email marketing Campaigner, Mailigen, Pinpointe, Aweber and Benchmark.
What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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