BlackBerry Priv Loves Security and Hates Fingerprint Security

BlackBerry comes up with a pure version of android smartphone at last. We all know how troublesome it was using BlackBerry OS with the neighboring support of only some of the android apps from Google Play Store. Priv the touchscreen and keyboard duo smartphone is different from the perspective of design ergonomics to the security features it offers.

BlackBerry Priv has a new design, seems like BlackBerry couldn’t forget the love of keypads for phones yet. It is quite a bold move in this era of feather smooth air-gap touch technologies to have a slider keypad right under the screen like old times. This screen is slighted curved at the edges and a speaker was placed right under it. The design is quite new and unique and is for those who love the uniqueness from similitude.

Security is the escalated feature of this phone which surprisingly don’t have fingerprint bio-metric security feature about which when asked the CSO of the company, David Kleidermacher have said that BlackBerry doesn’t believe in fingerprint biometric security as it is very easy to hack in to it. For that question how this new BlackBerry Priv is going to keep the phone secure, he replied that they are going to use the conventional security pass-phrase and security PIN for security.

To answer the yet poking question, what makes BlackBerry secure if not even used the fingerprint technology, DTEK security monitoring application answers sounding loud and fierce. This application focuses on the poor privacy policed applications that are installed and the type of private data they take from your phone. It monitors the suspicious activity of the camera, microphone, messaging applications along with the monitoring of access to crucial private data like contacts and location.

BlackBerry Priv is now available for pre-order in UK available at the upfront payment of £59.99 with the monthly rate of £39 or £579.99 SIM-free. We’ll take a deep look into its specifications and sort out the pros and cons of the device very soon. Stay tuned to Amfas Tech via social media or email updates.

See you soon with a detailed review.

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