Fighting Spam: Spam Commenters List #1 Is Available Now

Dear fellow bloggers,

We’re all know how much havoc the spamming does to our blogs even though having quality content. Unfortunately, tech giants like Google itself could not handle the spam on the internet. So, they update its spam filtering algorithms from time-to-time after doing a lot of research on spammers behaviors.

According to Matt Cutts, in one of his videos, spam commenting will be considered as a part of unethical link building schemes and if the link(s) appears too much in comments rather than being linked by real people, Google assumes them a distortion to their ranking algorithms and so penalizes them.

Watch this video to know what Matt says,

However, it is our responsibility too to keep our website and blogs spam comments free. They not only spoil the ranking and reputation but also the positivity of the discussions. In this regard, we’d like to add our little contribution as help to fellow bloggers and webmasters the list of spam commenters weekly as possible. We hope it will help you block/blacklist those profilers before they could do any harm to (y)our sites.

Together, with the support of web giants like Google, we can fight spam(mers) and make our sites clean and get them ranked of what they deserve.

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