Recovering the Banned AdSense Account within 48 Hours

Everything would be fine until you see see a mail stating that your Google AdSense account has been disabled for policy violation. Google monitors sites with AdSense and acts upon those which violate their policies. The earnings till then, and the effort you had put in earning it would be a waste unless you know how to recover your account. Don’t forget! getting your Google AdSense account disabled is not the world’s end. Disabled AdSense account is same like as a frozen bank or PayPal account.

If you know why Google disables your AdSense account, you can rectify the mistake and appeal for reactivation of your account. You can do the following things to get your AdSense account back in action.

Remove the violation on the site

Your AdSense banishment might be due to the violated content on the page you placed. Google will specify one or more violations in the email explaining the banning of your account. This doesn’t mean the rest of the content is good. Violations from the rest of the content might also have considered. If you read the email carefully, it says,

Please note that the URL we provide in the notification email is just an example and the same violations may exist on other pages of this website.

Check your entire site for violated content, remove it and appeal Google for reconsideration.

Report the hack if hacked

Even though you find no violation of the content on your site, Google might have taken action on it. This is because your site might have been compromised and any harmful code would have been injected into it. If the injected harmful code is harming the visitor, it is against the policies and will be identified as violation. If you are not aware of it, go to webmaster tools and check for malware on the site.

If any malware or unwanted harmful code is found, try to remove it to your possibility. If you cannot, report it to Google and they will take care of the issue.

Remove the Ad code on spam & Social Networking sites

Placing Ad code on the spam & social networking sites is violated. If you placed any code on other sites, remove them as soon as possible. If your AdSense account has more than one authorized owner, ask them if they have placed any Ad code on spam/social networking sites and if any such installations found, remove them. Authorize your site using webmaster tools and remove other authorized users from your AdSense account, until reactivation at least. See the list of sites that are authorized to display Ads.

List of official & useful links with guidelines when banned:

Remove the Ad code near Download buttons

You should not place your Ad code very nearer to the download or any buttons on the site. It violates the Google policies and your account will be banned.

Remove Ad code under Drop-Down Menu

Do not place your Ad code under drop-down menus. As there is a chance to get accidental clicks, it is violated.

You should not place Ad code where you can get the accidental click from your visitors. Every click on the Ad should come within the visitor interest only.

Instead of all these above factors, Google might take a wrong step in disabling your account. You can also report this mis-judging activity of the team to Google. Before you consider it a Google's mistake, check your site once if any violation were crypt in. Fix the problem before you contact Google. If you want to appeal a violation, use appeal a violation notification troubleshooter, go through the steps in it and find the correct form, fill it and submit.

You can also refer Policy Refresher: Appeals Process blog post from AdSense blog.

If your appeal was denied

Google takes issues regarding program policy compliance very seriously. Google program policies ensures a positive experience for publishers, site visitors and advertisers. So the decisions once taken might be final . Though you appeal for reconsideration, there is no guarantee that your account would get reinstated again.

Remember that you may send only one appeal for one AdSense account. Additional appeal will not be taken into consideration. So be careful when you appeal for reinstating of your lost account.

Your appeals will be considered if they are worthy enough and the banned AdSense account will be reactivated within 48 hours.

Hope this helped you recover banned AdSense account!

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