Apple to Launch 500 iStores In India

Believe it or not, Apple is planning to open 500 iStores in India !!

Yes, its true Apple has recently decided to open 500 stores in India. Apart from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai, they have decided to expand their sales to every length and breadth of India.

Prior to this, we have noticed that Apple products are usually released a few months later in India as compared to the official release in US because the sellers were a bit skeptic about the sales but the sudden increase in demand from the users in India has forced Apple to expand its distributors. Before the partners were Ingram Micro, Redington, Rashi Peripherals and Reliance. But with the recent increase in demand for IPhone's has forced Apple producers to reconsider its sales.

It's all about to change in the coming few months or years.

With apple users increasing every second in India. Apple has decided to open stores with Apple genuine products as well as accessories to its users.

Studies show that the day before Iphone6 was to be launched on 16th October 25,000 units were already booked with customers paying up to 10,000 to be the first ones to get their hands Iphone6.

Previous year Iphone5 had a 1 million mark.

Will this be a success or not ?

Would you not like to have many iStores in around the city?

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