WixStores - An efficient eCommerce website builder for non-programmers

From the ages, online store creation has been a programmers’ job. Each and every element of the website has to be coded, making it difficult to look after. Fortunately, over time, the possibilities also grew bigger. WixStores identified such a possibility and created an environment in which a non-programmer can himself create and manage an eCommerce website without needing to write a single line of code.

Today, I am going to try my hands on WixStores and will show you how you can build an online store easily.

Signing up with WixStores

To create your own store, you should have an account on Wix. From WixStores, click on the ‘Create Your Store’ button. Then, it will pop up a sign in/create a new user box using which you can create a new user with your email/Google+/Facebook.

Creating a new eCommerce website

After signing up, you will be taken to a page that guides you to create your WixStores online store. Click on ‘Start Creating now’ to get started.

You will then be shown a lot of templates under a lot of categories to choose from. You can also select the sub-category to build your online store.

Choose a template that suits best for your design needs and click on ‘Edit’ button to open it in the Wix editor. You will be shown a video tutorial as you are a new Wix user. I recommend you to not skip it at any cost.

As shown in the video, you can drag and drop elements, click-to-edit the text on pages smoothly. Take a look at this screenshot for better understanding.

After you are done with editing elements on the template, click on ‘Publish’ to take your website live.

It is always better to save the changes before publishing. Also, it is always much better to preview before publishing.

Creating a mobile friendly website

Mobile friendliness is a ranking signal now. Search engine giants like Google have started considering it after seeing the rapidly growing mobile internet users. So, if you are planning to create a website, mobile-friendliness must also be taken into consideration. When you create your eCommerce website, a mobile optimized version of your store will be automatically be generated. Keep in mind that you can only edit the layout of your mobile site. Basically your mobile site will be an optimized version of your desktop site.

Upgrading to the premium plans…

You might be amazed to know about the awesomeness of WixStore’s online store builder so far, but the best is yet to come.

Benefits of upgrading

You will get your own domain for your Wix site. That means, your website will no more be addressed as user-name.wix.com/site-name anymore. You will be able to choose your own domain name, and register it with Wix.com.

There will no longer be Wix ads on your website if you decide to upgrade.
Your site will be loaded with unlimited bandwidth and will be given extra storage to publish as much information as you want.

You can connect your site to Google analytics and track your site stats easily.
And you will get a bonus of $75 gift voucher right on upgrading. Here are the best upgrading plans on Wix.

Select the best one among the above and make your online store look like a truly professional business. Remember that the only plans, which include WixStores are the VIP and the eCommerce plan.

WixStores’ Online store

Every person wants a website these days just like a personal phone number. Every business wants an online store to extend its reach. But the knowledge of web programming stood as a barrier in this evolution. WixStores is a wonderful tool to create websites and online stores. You can display your products in beautiful galleries and offer a secure checkout for your customers. You can manage orders; keep track of your inventory anytime. Amazingly, no commissions will be deducted for the sales made through your website.
Isn’t that cool?
In addition to that, you can create, manage and share promotional coupons to keep your customers coming back for more. Also, you can manage the shipping fees and taxes based on the location you have to send the products to.


You might see another online store builder to build their eCommerce website, but you won’t find one like WixStores. As you have seen, it has the all-in-one easy and enhancing features, which you can manage your website/online store in one place.
So, if you are thinking to start up an eCommerce site with your own hands and with zero programming knowledge, it would be better to start it up with WixStores … that way you can get started with your online business real quick.

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