Why Should You Own This Mobile Transfer Software?

Every software is developed for a reason and not every software can fulfill its purpose. In these days of the rapid growth of technology, mobile phones are a piece of visual evidence. One technology that rules the world today won’t exist tomorrow. One feature that becomes responsible for the high pricing of the device will become valueless tomorrow. In such an unstable adaption, how could you trust on one technology or operating system for a smartphone?

Should you need to upload and download the data onto and from the cloud every time you buy a new phone? If you are a gadget freak, it becomes totally a stupid process. One cannot afford the time to upload the backup from his old phone to the cloud and download it on to the new one. What if the data volumes exist in Gigabytes? Would you wait for life time backing up and restoring? C’mon, you only get one good life and that is it.

What is the better solution?

I know that you are smart enough to think about it. Backing up data to the cloud and restoring is new flexibility in using technology. What if you don’t have an internet connection at that time of need? Sounds horrible right? That’s why I brought you a wonderful application that runs both on the famous operating systems, Windows and Mac. It is MobileTrans from Wondershare.

What can it do?

I expected that question from you because you should ask it before using any software.
  • MobileTrans can transfer almost all the content like contacts, calendar entries, call logs, audio, video, and images from phone-to-phone in 1-click.
  • It helps you backup your phone data on to your computer and can restore it back anytime.
  • It helps you erase your data on the old phone permanently.

That’s it?

A useful software need not possess a bunch of non-sense features always. Wondershare MobileTrans is developed to serve a purpose and it is doing it perfectly. The best thing about this software is that it can migrate data from a phone of one operating system to another.

For example, it can migrate your data from your old Symbian to a new Android or iOS. Also, it can migrate data between iOS and Android smartphones very conveniently and easily.

Let’s get our hands on the software

Downloading and installing

You have to lift a 100-pound rock on to your shoulder to get this software.

Well, I’m just kidding!

Just go to Wondershare MobileTrans website and download the software. Buy a license key that suits your usage and proceed.

(Let me tell you a secret. A free trial of the software is also available on the website. You can download it and give it a try. Keep it between us only by the way.)

Installing the software is no new process. Run the downloaded setup file to get the installation started. After it gets installed, it will open up with a screen as shown below:

Connecting the phone

Connect your phone using the USB cable. Make sure the connection is established correctly. Enable USB debugging mode (for android) on your device. It will then disconnect and connect automatically in USB debugging mode.

It will ask you to confirm the connection on your mobile phone. Click ‘Ok’ to continue to next step.

Backing up data to the computer

Restart the program once. You no need the enable USB debugging every time again.
Click on ‘Backup your phone’ option from the home screen of the software. It will take you to the backup panel. The phone will show up connected with a green tick mark and the data will start loading up if you have connected the phone correctly.

Click on ‘Start Copy’ button to get the backing up process started.

Warning: Do not disconnect the phone until the process is finished.

Backing up of photos, videos and music follow.

Phone to phone transfer

You can connect the old phone and new phone at a time to perform this operation (No matter what operating systems both phones are having).

Restore from backups

The backups can easily be restored easily in one click with the restore from backup option.  It even allows you to restore the backup taken from iCloud, iTunes, MobileTrans, MobiGo, Blackberry and Kies software.

Erasing the phone

We can erase the entire data from the phone in just one click. You can execute the ‘termination of project Alex’ (taken from Resident Evil movie plot) all by yourself. That was not to scare you but to be filmy a bit.

The good thing about this process is that it shows the estimated time before the process even starts. It suggests you grab a coffee at that time but I took a heavy supper when I was doing with my phone (it took 99 minutes to wipe my 25 GB phone).

Hope, by now you would have got a reason to own this software. Don’t forget to thank me for introducing it to you. I’d be happy to read your thoughts about it.

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  1. Well I must say that I was looking for one such software to do precisely what this software can do. As a tech blogger, I change my android phone every month or so. I need a robust software which can literally take everything from my existing phone and transfer it over to my new phone on a regular basis.

    Here is my question,

    Will it bring all my apps and their settings to my new phone after transfer ? So after a full transfer, I don't need to download any apps from the play market ?

    If it can do this, you are a star. Let me know what do you think and I am ready to give it a try and spread a word about it, thanks for sharing the info.

  2. Hi Sasidhar

    I am aware of this software and you are right that one needs a backup on his PC especially if there is a disruption in internet service. So thanks for the info. I would definitely check it out. Take Care buddy

  3. Hi Imran,

    For your surprise, the answer is yes. It can migrate your apps too. You can check this out from one of the above screenshots. I don't think it can migrate settings too. It is worth giving a try. A trial version us also available on the site. Give it a shot

    Happy to see this article helping you. Have a good day pal :)

  4. Hi Ikechi,

    Good to see you after a long while. Everything on cloud is not a good thing. Thank you for adding up weight to my tone.

    Have a good day :)

  5. Thanks, going to try it shortly - cheers for the information.

  6. Hi Madam,

    Glad you found it useful :)

    I know that you have mentioned many times in the past about using of mobile phone. The software that I mentioned in the article is capable of migrating our old phones like Nokia Symbian to Andorid or iOS. In case if you plan to upgrade to Android or iOS, this would surely help you migrate all your data at once.

    Thank you so much for considering it for your kids and relatives. I'd be much happier if they find it useful too.

    Thank you for taking time in shaing your thoughts over here. Have a great rest of the week ahead :)

  7. Hey Sasidhar

    Great post as I am completely new to this software and it can really come handy in times of emergency.
    Thank you for the post and keep writing.

  8. Hi Yash,

    Glad you liked it. Software like this must be owned as it helps a lot when in die necessaries. Thank you for taking time in sharing your thoughts in here.

    Have a good week ahead :)


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