How To Setup Custom Domain To Your Blogger Blog On WhoGoHost

WhoGoHost is one of the Nigerian hosting providers that sell domains and hosting space for the people of Nigeria. We have found some usability issues on their website during a session with one of our help seekers. The dashboard after logging in gives no clue to add or edit values properly. If you wanted to set up your Blogger blog, you will find it very hard to do it from your dashboard directly.

It would be a bit hard to find the option to add CNAME values of your blogger blog in WhoGoHost’s dashboard. A new blogger or the one with no knowledge of setting up a domain to one’s blog will almost quit trying.

The CNAME setup for Blogger blog is given separately and that is not found on the dashboard. It can barely be found on the site itself, though searched thoroughly. You can find it on Google with a keyword “WhoGoHost Blogger” or here it is for you:

The Blogger CNAME form would look like this:

The CNAME form filling process goes like this:
  1. Enter your email ID
  2. Select a number as a security PIN
  3. Enter the domain name
  4. Enter Subdomain 1 as ‘www’
  5. Enter CNAME value 1 as
  6. Enter the unique subdomain value provided by Blogger for your blog in Subdomain 2
  7. Enter the unique CNAME value provided by Blogger for your blog

When you are done with entering the details correctly, click ‘Send CNAME Records’ to raise a support ticket. Then the process will be taken over by the customer care. Wait for 24 hours to get it completed.

The sad side of it is that the hyperlinks for help text (highlighted in the above screenshot) are inactive. So, one should have a sound knowledge of setting this up or should contact the expert to finish the job.

That’s it! A bit twisted, but easy though. Hope the company takes care of these usability issues and provides a proper solution to the problem very soon.

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this setup. I’ll be happy to help you out. Share this tutorial to your Nigerian friends who are planning to buy a domain from WhoGoHost.

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  1. You're welcome! Keep vising AmfasTech :)

  2. Thanks for this guide Sasidhar.

    I use Whogohost too and it seems they need to work on improving usability.


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