OnePlus Two: All Set To Launch In Virtual Reality Live Streaming

The most awaited product of the year, OnePlus Two is all set to launch at 7:00PM PT on July 27th of 2015 in virtual reality live streaming, for the first time in the world. The regular auditorium, keynote, and invited audience tradition will now be re-written with the new ink from this release. This would be the first product to be launched in VR(Virtual Reality) live streaming like never before.

The company has so far released some news leaks about their new flagship product, OnePlus Two and raised expectations about its specifications and features.

OnePlus has asked its fans to create some OnePlus stories like as participating in a context and picked out winners from it. The winners will be helping out the team in the entire launch of OnePlus Two in VR.

A VR launch lets you stand right next to our team and our fans as we unveil our new flagship. You’ll be able to look around as you check out the phone in a new way and maybe even find a few hidden Easter eggs. It’s a new way of thinking about a product launch. We aren’t talking at you; we are talking with you. – OnePlus
As to facilitate the VR release to be more easy and comfortable, OnePlus has made some tweaks to the existing VR cardboard headsets. Those who want to watch the launch of OnePlus Two in VR can get the headsets from this page.

However, the phone will be available through the invite system only and this is a bit disappointing for the fans. Even the open sale can bring a lot of orders from OnePlus fans but it seems like the company doesn’t want to lose the hype that this process can bring to them.

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  1. Looking forward to it. If 1+2 can produce a stunner this year as well, it will be a massive win for the company. Let is see what comes up.

  2. I believe so Imran. OnePlus Two might take a hit this year too. The only thing it pull back the expectations is the price point. If it is priced around 24-26k, the company loses the customers below 20k budget for sure. Let's hope for the best!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about the release. Your opinion also matters here as a gadget reviewer.


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