Top 7 Must-Have Apps for Digital Marketing

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If you are into digital marketing, these six iOS and Android apps would make your life much easier:


Perch is a free app for both Android and iOS users. It is extremely beneficial for small local businesses as it gives you an overview of what people talk about your business and your competitor’s business on the social media. You just have to tell the names of the companies to Perch and it would automatically generate updates of those companies on different social media sites. If someone leaves a review of your company on a social media, the alert function will send you a notification.

Google AdWords

Google recently launched a new free app called the AdWords. This app allows the campaign marketers to check real-time alerts and even examine their campaign stats. It also lets them to update bids and budgets. It gets a lot easier for marketers if they are running a pay-per-click campaign on Google. This app is currently available for Android users but it would be available for iOS users in the near future.


IFTTT arrived on the iPhone in late 2013 and the Android version landed shortly after. Both apps have seen numerous improvements since launch and are ideal for automating a range of marketing tasks such as 'controlling your world', creating To-Do notes, sharing them, taking and instantly sharing pictures etc. This app is lesser known than it should be. Its simplicity, clean design and excellent functionality makes it a top app for digital marketing.


Hubspot is getting famous for marketing managers as it gives them access to HubSpot tools and analytics. The HubSpot service is available for $200 per month but you can download the app for free. You can even try it without paying a penny before actually purchasing the service. According to the reviews, iOS app is much more consistent than the Android app.

Hootsuite, Buffer and Other Apps

Many digital marketers love using Hootsuite and Buffer as they are quite useful for marketing purposes. Hootsuite offers different plans according to the requirement of people. It proposes a free plan, a Pro plan, and an Enterprise plan. The free plan is, of course, free, whereas the Pro plan costs around $10. This app helps in creating updates that could be posted on different social sites at the same time. It offers many other features like monitoring if somebody mentions your business on any social media, sending direct messages on twitter etc.

Hootsuite just launched a new app for iOS users called the Hootsuite Suggestions. It is available for Pro users only at the moment. This app helps you to generate and share different social media posts.
Buffer offers two different plans. One is free while the “Awesome Plan” can be purchased for $102 per year. It recently launched a new tool called Pablo. Pablo lets you create visual media posts by using your own photos.

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  1. I use buffer and can vouch for it. Simple and free which is a big pus. Very reliable as well. I am thinking about trying HootSuite or CoSchedule in the near future. For now, Buffer is brilliant.

    Perch seems to be very interesting. I am going to try it now. Thanks for a nice list.

  2. Nice list guys. Perch is new to me but definitely will try!!

  3. Hi Ahmad,

    I used Buffer and don't know why and when I left using it now. May be I thought using too many automated tools might not good at that time. But I use Hootsuite widely. It's browser extension helps me a lot and its very handy. You should give it a try bro.

    You're welcome and return thanks to you for sharing your thoughts about them.

    Happy blogging!


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