Review: Less is more Sophisticating

While shopping, we don’t just buy things in an attempt. We would check out similar products, compare them and select the best one out that matches our needs and budget. If you are such a person who wants the top best products in a row and wanted to check out each one of them specifically, it would have been taking a lot of time for you so far to check out the innumerous similar products in front of your eyes on a screen.

Moreover, it is also not possible to compare number of products against each other on your screen at once. It would be good if there is a chance to compare products side-by-side before choosing to buy. Top10inaction is such a website which allows us to compare top ten products side-by-side. It would then be easy to pick out a product among those top 10.

What is “Top 10 in Action”? is a professional product review website that covers the products of different kinds. They help people in taking complex buying decisions through their reviews. They are established back in 2012 with this theme and has reviewed so many products so far.

First impressions

Handy categories page – Any website would have some introduction about themselves on the page, but this website owner has placed the categories right on the home page itself. You can directly access the product comparisons right from the home page only.

Quick star rating on products – Every product is rated out of 5 stars. There is no need to look out for a top product deeply as there exists star ratings on the summary list itself. You can choose to read a review that meets your required rating.

All 10 in one page – The impressive thing on this site is that, it all the top 10 products on the same page without the need of horizontal scrolling. Take a look at this web hosting page for example. Each and every product in the 10 is compared just like a typical ecommerce site does.

Feature star ratings – Top 10 in action not only provide the comparisons of specifications and price but also provide star ratings for features, uptime, speed and customer support.

Some products might be good at features but might be poor at providing customer support. Some might be good at giving uptime but not so many features. You can summarize the list based on these features and can select one at last.

Editorial review – Specifications are not enough to take choices, everyone need detailed reviews. Top10InAction provides the editorial reviews for each product mentioned in the top ten list. You can go through them and decide if to choose it or not, by the end.

For example, if you have chosen a product from the top list and you still doubt to buy it. The detailed product reviews will help you take a decision at the end. Isn’t seeming like you are given so many chances over buying just one product?

Discounts specified – Sometimes, it’s the budget that matters. We may need the products within our budget, even they are from top 10. There available discount prices under each product so that we can pick out one that comes within our budget.

What’s best?

Top 10 would be the top best themselves. Top10InAction takes immense care while choosing the top 10 best products. They would consider reputation of the company, features provided, specifications the product has, reliability it offers, server speed the company promises and customer support while choosing the best. So, there is no need to worry about choosing a bad product from the list.

Top10InAction impressed me. It helps us filter the required product by lessening the effort and providing more sophistication.

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  1. Hi Sasidhar, It is impressive that it allows comparison as that is what helps us (Customers) finding the best. From a customers/buyers point of view the prime factor while shopping is value for money. So, star ratings also helps.

    I must mention that I loved this site review. Well covered. :)

    ~ Rohan.

  2. Hi Rohan,

    Good to see your feedback on this review. Yeah, value for money is what matters at the end of the day.

    Glad you loved the review. Thank you :)


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