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Security is the primary concern of everyone. All of us want to stay secure. You say the same about your website also. Who wants an insecure website? So, this time a Guy from India is here to help you overcome this issue. There may many people who had suffered from malware attacks on their websites. It points out the need for a tool like defencely.

What is this so-called Defencely? 

Defencely is not at all a scanner or an automated tool to find vulnerabilities or security issues. It is an online platform of experts who constantly assess your website to find and fix vulnerabilities if any. There is a dashboard provided for every customer. You will get access to it once you create an account. No matter which platform you using (WordPress, Drupal, Ruby or anything), they will shield your website.


1. Zero- False Positives

You might have seen some Anti- Virus software which catches secure files as malware. That is what actually called as false positives. False positives badly worry us. We think it is a real problem. promises you not to deliver any false positives.

2. Availability of Useful Guides

There is a possibility that you know nothing about the prevention of vulnerabilities. So Defencely provides you easy- to- follow guides to fix the problem it finds and to take prevention so that it will not happen again.

3. No Page Scan Limits

No limits such as 10 or 100 pages a day. You pay so you get the maximum. We can scan any amount of pages using this awesome security tool, Defencely.

4. User- Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard is not messily loaded with good- for- nothing facilities. You will get every tool you want. But you can’t find one which has no use at all.

5. No Need of a Developer

The developer is not a necessity with Defencely. They don’t recommend you to increase your budget by hiring a developer. The experts from Defencely are ready to help you with any issues regarding vulnerabilities or security issues.

6. Free Security Report

Everyone loves freebies. Don’t worry if you have no money to get services from Defencely. They provide a security report for every website upon request. There is a field on their homepage. So you can get a report for free and can purchase the security service any time.

Is it a Reliable Company?

Of course. You can trust them as the way you trust yourself. They have pointed out the vulnerabilities of official sites of Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Google, eBay, Zynga, RedHat and much more. How can you not trust such a service? Defencely has been recognized by PayPal, the largest money transfer platform. According to the official site of Defencely, they found 11,217 vulnerabilities, reported and solved by the experts.

Who is Behind Defencely?

Defencely was started by Ritesh Sarvaiya, an Indian guy. He was from a not- so- rich family and we have a lot to learn about him. Once in an interview, he said that success is all about not giving up while answering a question about his success. He was born and brought- up in Mumbai and now living in the U.S. for his entrepreneurial needs. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company at present.

Should We Go for Defencely?

Why not? You should go for it. If you are a person often concerns about the security of your website, Defencely fits your needs as well as pocket. If you are an owner of a small (or large) business like an e-commerce store, you should buy their service as soon as possible. There are many plans available with variable features and price. So, give it a try today.

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  1. Isn't that impressive? Yeah, it is!

  2. Hello Sasidhar,

    Thanks for letting us know about Defencely!

    I hopped over their impressive feature to analyze my blog and submitted my request like 9-10 days ago but I didn't ever get any report from them .. And still not..

    Is that the case with you or anyone who did it ?

  3. Hi Adeel,

    May be they were busy with lot of free analysis requests. Wait for a while till they get back. I have been also waiting for their email.

  4. Now that's a relief to hear! Thanks, Sasidhar! :)

  5. Hey Sasidhar,

    Thanks for this post. I was not aware anything like this existed. I thought all you had to do was buy software to protect yourself like Akismet and PC software. I will consider it and the free report.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      Glad you liked it! Our personal PCs are not safe as we don't take much care about its security and all. Securely is one great idea and thanks to them for bringing it up live for us.


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