Facebook Introduces ‘Nepal Earthquake Safety Check’ | Mark The Earthquake Survivor Friends ‘Safe’ on Facebook

Nepal earthquake was the biggest catastrophe of recent times. More than 1800 dead officially and many others stuck in remains of the collapsed buildings after 7-8 magnitude hits Katmandu, Nepal on 25th of April 2015.

Facebook, this time has taken a step voluntarily to gather information from its users and so introduced Nepal Earthquake Facebook Safety Check. You can mark your friends with whom you still have communications ‘safe’ using it. You can mark yourself safe and help them gather quick stats.

How to use this special feature?

Go to the link given above and the options will be provided to mark your friends as well as yourself ‘safe’.

You can also see the helpline if needed any emergency service.
To mark your friends ‘safe’
Just scroll down the page and mark your friends ‘safe’ by clicking on the green SAFE button beside their profile information.
To mark yourself ‘safe’
Click on the link ‘Yes, let my friends know’ and it will take to another screen like as shown below:

Click on the green I’m safe button if you were in the affected areas during the earthquake. Choose to click on I’m not in the area link if you are not there.

Continuous safety notifications about your friends will be sent as soon as they hit ‘safe’ or ‘I’m safe’. You can turn them off if you want to avoid turning emotionally imbalance in this situation.

This is a great move taken by Facebook after Google. Finally, we’ve got a reason to tell parents ‘why to use Facebook’. We know that Google also has always been with us during such havocs and so is it now.

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  1. Hi Sasidhar,

    I just discovered this feature yesterday when you marked yourself as 'Safe' and I received a notification. There is no doubt this would have helped people to know about their friends and family. I received notifications from a lot of friends except the one which stays in Nepal. Maybe because he might have not been getting to access the internet. I hope and pray for all the people who were affected due to this deadly disaster.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great Monday!
    ~ Rohan.

  2. Hi Rohan,

    The destruction has brought a great to loss to many lives. I felt so sad when I heard about it and sadly the tremors continued a lot of times after the first quake. It was actually Google's initiative that was also implemented during many typhoons. Good to see facebook taking this initiative.

    Thank to Mark Zekerberg

    Let's hope for their safety including your friend.


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