Quick Hack & Search Trick: Download AP SSC Hall Tickets 2015

SSC exams for the students of Andhra Pradesh are so near and hall tickets were made available before they are given to students in schools. Enthusiastic students who wanted to know the details about their examination centers can go to this link and download their hall tickets prior they are given in schools.

Wait! I’m not here to give you the ‘edu’ kind of information. I am a techie, I always look for an easy way to do any task.

Obviously, the website has three combo boxes which show up a list of details upon selecting the prior one. Scrolling down the vast list of schools and name will take a heck of a time and the worst thing is you may not find it in the first time itself.

Sneaking code to quick search

Step 1: Selecting your district first and it will make the schools list visible.

Step 2: Select a random school from the list and wait till ‘Select’ appear on the third combo box.

Step 3: Now, right-click on anywhere on the webpage and select ‘view page source’.

Step 4: It will now open the source code of the webpage in another new tab. Press CTRL+F, type your school name and hit ENTER.

Step 5: Your school name will be shown highlighted in the code. Find the code of your school that resides right beside the name and note it down.

Step 6: Now switch back to the hall ticket download page and you can now easily find the school name based on the serial number code that you noted down in Step 5.

Step 7: You can also search your name if the student list is also vast, by going on to the ‘view source code’ page again doing what we did in Step 4.

Hope that save your valuable time. Say after me, Hackadackadooo!!

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