How to Bring Back Your Moto G from Dead?

Death is inevitable! But this is not true in case of digital devices totally. Though they seem dead, they can still be brought back by doing a little CPR(let’s assume).

It is the same in the case of Moto G. In the hard times or when you used the last changed particle in the battery, the phone dies(not actually). It neither switches on nor even charges. You can bring it back from the dead by doing the following tricks.

Trick #1:

Though it shows you like not charging, keep it in charge for 5-10 minutes and try to switch it on. Sometimes batteries die with no single drop of electric juice in them. Keeping them in charging for a little while can bring it back to life.

Trick #2

Do this if only trick #1 is not working. Try pressing the combo of power button and volume down button till it shows up some light or boot menu options on the screen.

Select the option ‘Normal Powerup’ from the list using the volume rocker. It will boot up normally and enjoy life back on your phone.

Trick #3

This trick is a bit complicated and needs your hands on its hardware. Do this only if the above two tricks are not working for you.

Note: Preforming this adventurous tweak might spoil your smartphone if done wrongly. Do it at your own risk. Don’t blame me or amfas tech if you spoil it in your own hands.

(That was not to scare you, but just a formal warning)

Before you do it, make sure you had the right tools with you.

Step 1: Open up the back cover.

Step 2: Take the right screwdriver, and remove the battery carefully. Make sure you pulled of the battery connector safely.

Step 3: Eat some snacks and wash your hands neatly.

Step 4: Put back the battery. Make sure you plugged in the battery connector correctly.

Step 5: Put back the back cover and now try to switch it on or try trick #1.

This will help your device back from dead at most probability if the problem lies with battery draining. If it won’t still start up, don’t try your curiosity skills over it. Take it to the service center and let the real technician do the job for you.

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