Google Takes on Sexually Explicit Blogs, Going to Block or Delete Blogger Blogs with Nudity from March 23rd 2015

This is going to be one of the game changing decisions that Google have taken for Blogger in this era. They announce that they are going to block or remove content or blogs entirely from March 23rd of 2015.

New year resolutions for Blogger seems like have started like this, a lot better way ensuring the social web security and clean content for the internet users. They also say that will allow nudity if the content have an educational, artistic, documentary or scientific benefits substantially.

What’s going to change on your blog?

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any kind of explicit, nude or any pornographic content on your Blogger blog. Your blog in such case won’t get affected.

On the other side, if you have a blog that entertains adults with all the no-more-allowed kind of content, it is the time for you to wake up from the bed and pack up your things. Because Blogger will not allow you to have ‘such’ content any more on your site from March 23 of this year.

Your content is either made private or removed completely from the web.

What to do to safe guard your site?

If your site have any such content that violates this new policy of Google, remove it as soon as possible before 23rd of March or else you will have to see the magic hat-rabbit trick performed by Google.

It is however better to backup your blog and Google is ready to help you with that. Check out Google’s Takeout to use that feature.

Any new blogs that are created after march 23rd would have to comply with this new policy from then along with the rest. Read the updated Blogger policies here.


Amfas Tech welcomes this wonderful changes being added to the Blogger policies as it supports our concern over the child and web safety content on the internet.

What do you think? Is Blogger making a good move? I’d be glad to have your thoughts in comments below.

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