Google Takes Back ‘Ban’ on Sexually Explicit Content Blogger Blogs

It has not been so long since Google announced the ban on sexual content blogs on their free blogging platform, Blogger. We have seen Google saying that they are going to take action on the sexual content blogger blogs from March 23rd of 2015 so recently.

The company have also made changes to their policies to make internet free from sexually explicit content. Amfas Tech welcomed this change whole heartedly as this coincides with our policy of spreading awareness on online security. But it seems like our happiness didn’t last so long.

What made Google change the decision?

The change of ‘change of policy’ is updated by +Jessica Capelegio, employee of Google in the product forums page. However, the old link about the ‘change of policy’ has been redirected to this page after the change of decision.

According to the update posted by Jessica, Google took back the word as it shows a negative impact on those who post sexually explicit content to express their identities and those adult bloggers who have been with blogger from 10+ years.

“..So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.” says Jessica in her update.

However, adult bloggers are advised to mark it as ‘Adult content’ in blogger dashboard that puts their blog(s) behind the ‘Adult content’ page.

Take a look at the change of ‘change of policies’ on Blogger policies page.


I would personally like to thanks to my friend Gopi Talluri for bringing it to our notice with the references of reliable internet sources.

This is the quickest ever policy change I have ever known about in my tech life. Hoping for the best, Amfas Tech will help you keep you updated on online security issues.

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